You spent a lot of time looking for or building your dream home – from your selection of furnishings and lighting to the fully stocked kitchen where the family converges, built-in tech features, and spa-like bathroom you unwind in at night. We’re equally as selective when it comes to your insurance.

High Net Worth Homeowners Insurance with the Byrnes Agency

Custom Home, Custom Policy

The Byrnes Agency has extensive experience providing specialized insurance programs designed for high net worth and luxury homes throughout Connecticut communities. Our team of specialists pride themselves on integrity, service, and quality advice.

We represent several leading insurance companies that cater to this market and offer the type of Homeowners program you need, with limits and coverages that go much higher and broader than your standard policies. We also understand the importance of finely tuned appraisals when expensive assets are involved. There are special building materials, artisan craftsmanship, and architectural customization that require specialized valuation methods and insurance.

Additional Coverage, Loss Control for Minimizing Losses

Our High Net Worth Home Insurance program also covers a wide range of personal property, such valuable collections including jewelry, fine art, wine, and antiques — either as scheduled items or with a blanket policy.

In addition to increased coverages, we’ll help with managing your risks and providing loss prevention. We’ll make recommendations to help protect your assets and prevent possible losses. And in the event of a loss, your claim will be handled immediately, addressing damages and taking measures to prevent further losses.