You may not own the home you live in, but all the stuff in it is yours – from the furniture to your electronics and appliances. Don’t take a chance on having to pay out of pocket if there is a fire or other catastrophe.

Connecticut Renters Insurance with the Byrnes Agency

Safeguard Against Lawsuits, Protect Your Belongings

Demand for rentals are up as increasingly more people are choosing to rent, whether it’s an apartment, condo, duplex, or house. But alarmingly many people go without Renters insurance, thinking of it as an added expense that’s not necessary, or expecting their landlord to pay for any damages that may occur. In fact, statistics show that only 31% of renters carry insurance.

Yet what if there’s a fire and your personal property is damaged? You wouldn’t have any coverage without Renters insurance. Your landlord’s insurance policy covers the damage to the building but not your possessions. Think about what the cost would be if you had to replace all of your personal items — from clothing and furniture to electronics and appliances. You also wouldn’t have any coverage if your place is burglarized and your stuff is stolen.

At the Byrnes Agency, we provide affordable, comprehensive Renters insurance to Connecticut and Southern New England residents, offering several options when it comes to coverage, amounts, deductibles, and other key factors.

What’s Covered

  • Coverage for Personal Possessions – against damage due to fire, smoke, lightning, theft, vandalism, explosion, windstorm, water, and other disasters listed in your policy. Possessions can include furniture, clothing, electronics, appliances, kitchen utensils and bed linens.
  • Liability – which protects against lawsuits for bodily injury or property damage caused by you or your family members, as well as no-fault medical coverage in case a visitor is injured in your home.
  • Additional Living Expenses – including hotel bills, restaurant meals and other expenses above and beyond your daily expenses – in case your home becomes uninhabitable due to a covered hazard.

Again, your landlord’s policy only covers damage to the walls, roof, fixtures, foundation, plumbing, furnaces and any appliances not owned by you, the renter.