Our commitment is in providing insurance protection to our clients to weather unforeseen events and help them get back on their feet. Part of this commitment involves discussing a full range of insurance protection including the extra layer of coverage you get from an umbrella policy.

Personal Umbrella Insurance with the Byrnes Agency

Rainy-Day Coverage to Protect Your Assets

As one of Connecticut’s leading independent agencies, part of why we’ve been so successful is that we truly care about our customers and making sure they’ve properly protecting themselves, their investments, and assets. This of course means buying Homeowners and Auto insurance, with coverage amounts that will protect them against liability should someone get hurt or injured on their property or in an accident.

But sometimes a loss can be unpredictable, even catastrophic, especially in a society where lawsuit judgments are sky-high. And additional coverage is needed to go above and beyond what a Homeowners and Auto policy provide. That’s when Umbrella Liability comes in. It is designed to protect you after the basic limits of your primary policies have been exhausted.

How An Umbrella Policy Works

The Byrnes Agency Umbrella Liability insurance plans work hand in hand with your current policies to provide you with additional limits as well as certain additional coverages. Let’s say, for example, you have Auto insurance with a maximum of $300,000 in liability limits. If there were an accident with serious injuries that you are held responsible for, this would not be enough in a lawsuit if a million-dollar judgment were rendered. A $1 or $2 million Umbrella policy will provide the extra coverage needed after your Auto policy’s $300,000 amount was tapped.

We’ll make sure that the Umbrella Liability insurance extends your limits only as much as you actually need and no more, based on your assets, exposures, and risk tolerance.