Preparing Your Vehicle for Fall: Windshield Wipers

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Preparing Your Vehicle for Fall: Windshield WipersIn this series of posts, we’ve uncovered the biggest items on your vehicle’s maintenance list to prepare it for inclement weather. From tire safety to battery maintenance and everything in between, we’ve got you covered. In this blog, we’ll explore how you can maintain your windshield wipers to extend their lifespan and ensure safety when you need it most. Give yourself the peace of mind you need by carrying the best CT Auto Insurance policy, as well.

Conduct a quick inspection.

Before you do anything, you need to determine if your windshield wiper blades are even still good. Factory blades are likely to wear out not only from use, but from the stress of water and snow, extreme temperatures, and even the constant exposure to the UV radiation of the sun. Silicone blades are less likely to wear out for any of these reasons. Inspect your blades for signs of cracking or discoloration. If they look worn out, Siliblade suggests you replace them.

Wipe them down.

Even if it’s not raining or snowing, grime can still accumulate on the blade. Every three months or so wipe them down to ensure there are no streaks on your windshield and there is no corrosion build up on the blade. Take a damp clean cloth and wipe down the blades from end to end, removing all of the dirt and grime. It just takes a few seconds and it will prolong their lifespan. It also helps to wipe the blades down with vinegar to create an additional coating.

Pay a little extra.

It might not be ideal to spend more money on wipers when there are cheaper alternatives on the market. However, spending a bit more money on premium wipers guarantees a longer life span and prevent you from having to replace them multiple times throughout the length of your car’s life. Be sure to purchase ones with silicone wiper blades for the best quality.

Install a protectant.

These are inexpensive and easy to put on. Simply install rubber protectors and wipe them clean with the water and vinegar solution you used to wipe the blades down before. This is a quick way to prolong the life of your wipers, especially in a climate where you’re constantly braving rain, snow, sleet and excessive winds.

Stay tuned for our final installment on fall vehicle maintenance and preparation where we’ll cover headlight safety.

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