Preparing Your Home for the Fall and Winter

Preparing Your Home for the Fall and WinterAs the weather becomes cooler in the fall and winter, it’s a great time to check for places where heat is escaping your home or cold air is getting in. Doing a check for some key problem areas will help prevent weather-related damage as well. Remember, if air can get in, there’s a good chance water may also find the same path.

Connecticut Homeowners Insurance is here to protect you in your time of need. However, before it gets to the point of claims, you can protect your home this season with these methods.

Potential Problem Areas

Check the condition of your pipes. If your home is old or you notice lowered water pressure, this could be a sign that your pipes are blocked, filled with tree roots, or possibly deteriorating. Shut off the water supply to your outdoor water faucets. Check the gutters and drains around your home and make sure they are not blocked by leaves or other debris. Verify the age of your water heater tank and do regular maintenance. A water tank needs to be replaced after about a decade.

Check your roof for any loose shingles or areas that need repair. Something as small as a shingle blown off the roof during a storm can cause major amounts of water to suddenly come into your home.

Have your chimney or furnace checked before you start using it in the fall. Make sure there is no buildup, clean the flue and check the flashing and condition of the chimney indoors and out.

Prevent Damage and Injury

Make sure that any outdoor furniture you leave outside is secured and will not blow away in windstorms. Put away anything that could be blown by high winds in a safe and secure area.

Check that patio stones or deck boards are smooth and not loose or coming up. Make a clear pathway to and from any doors of your home, including to the sidewalk, where people can walk without tripping or falling in adverse weather conditions. Cover potentially slippery surfaces like stairs or landings with weather proof treads.

Garages typically have many flammable items in them which makes them a potential fire risk. If you add to that a cluttered garage, you may also be at risk of injuries. Clear any paths in the garage to easily access fall and winter gear like shovels and rakes. Safely secure tools in their places so nothing can fall on anyone.

If there are tree branches overhanging your property, consider having them cut back if they hang over your roof, walkways, living areas, or driveways. Make sure that branches from trees are not tangled with any electrical wiring or too close to the electric cables around your home.


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