Protect Those Valentine’s Day Jewels With Jewelry Insurance

Protect Those Valentine's Day Jewels With Jewelry InsuranceAre you looking to purchase high value jewelry for your loved one this Valentine’s Day? If your favorite piece of jewelry disappeared or was badly damaged, would you be devastated because of its sentimental value or because you couldn’t afford to replace or repair it?

In cases like these, Jewelry Insurance is a very smart investment, as it pays out when your jewelry is damaged or stolen. Ask your agent about adding this policy to your Connecticut insurance plan, and read on to learn more about this coverage and how it can help you out in a tight spot.

Where to Buy Jewelry Insurance

You can easily add special jewelry coverage to your personal insurance plan.  It is best to purchase from a company that specializes in providing insurance protection to high net-worth clients in Connecticut, like ourselves. An insurer can work with you to protect these precious items and put an insurance program into place that will allow you to feel at ease in the event of a loss or damage.

These policies require you to itemize specific pieces of jewelry, along with their replacement values. They typically have higher coverage limits than standard homeowners or renters policies, as well as coverage for more circumstances, and they often don’t charge a deductible.

Agencies that offer personally designed, competitively priced insurance policies to provide coverage for your jewelry often offer more comprehensive and customizable coverage. Ask about it!

What to Look for in a Coverage Plan

Seek a certified appraisal to properly establish the actual value of your items. Knowing how to manage your items, images, descriptions, provenance, appraisals, and price histories can make all the difference.

The right insurer can help protect your valuables against environmental hazards by advising you on storage, temperature, and humidity controls and exposure to heat and sunlight. If you are planning to move or restore your items, seek advice by reputable specialists in such matters.

Additional components of adequate protection include:

  • Itemized coverage for each item as well as pairs, sets, and collections
  • Protection against breakage of especially fragile items
  • Coverage for newly purchased items
  • Replacement at full value
  • Worldwide protection

Why Should You Buy Jewelry Insurance?

The decision to add jewelry coverage to your existing insurance ultimately comes down to how worried you are about paying for repair or replacement if something happens to a piece you love.

Whether you’re slowly building your jewelry box or you already have an impressive collection, you should always be thinking about what it would take to financially be made whole again after a loss. The goal is to avoid out-of-pocket costs or being forced into a type of compensation or repair you don’t want. Protect your Valentine’s Day investment with  proper Connecticut insurance for jewelry.

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