Questions to Ask Your Agent about Your Auto Insurance

Questions to Ask Your Agent about Your Auto InsuranceIt can help you out tremendously to be as informed as you possibly can about your auto insurance. It may be a required coverage, but you have the right to know about every detail and should ask your agent all the questions you can. Are you looking to know more, but don’t know where to start? Byrnes Agency is here for you. These are some specific questions to ask your agent about your auto insurance to help you learn more about your policy and how it will affect you on the road.

Needed Coverage

You should ask if you have all the coverage you need. There is a minimum requirement that your plan will need to meet, and it is dependent on the state. For example, here are the requirements for Connecticut auto insurance. So take a look at what your state’s auto insurance requirements are, and then you can build the plan for you and your unique needs. Once the initial required base is met, you can ask your auto insurance representative what additional coverage they recommend for you personally. The most common additional options include collision, comprehensive, and uninsured motorist protection.

In Case of an Accident

Many people assume that if they get in an accident that their auto insurance automatically covers all the costs such as repair, replacement, rental fees, and towing fees. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. Your base liability insurance will pay for damage that you cause to another’s vehicle if the accident was your fault. To cover the damage done to your own car, you will need to purchase collision coverage. There is also comprehensive coverage available in case you were to experience theft, vandalism, storm damage, or hit an animal. Ask your agent if specific coverages like these or roadside assistance, rental reimbursement, or gap insurance are right for you.


You may be surprised of the discounts and savings you could acquire.  Be sure to ask your auto insurance agent if any apply to you. Your premium will be dependent on the coverages, deductibles and policy limits you choose. The agency will also have to take into account your “risk-rating”, which is your likelihood of filing a future claim. Age, gender, driving record, and insurance score will be the largest determinants. Although those are all used to set auto insurance premiums, there are also many discounts designed to assist in lowering the costs. These discounts are most commonly offered to safe drivers or those who obtain continuous insurance, multi-policy, or multi-car plans. Sometimes there are individuals who qualify for good student discounts. You may even find savings available if you own a hybrid/electric car, or a home. Ask your agent if you are benefiting from all the discounts that you qualify for.


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