Small Business Ops: Outsourcing Key Functions

Your small business is seeing growth in customers, revenue, and local reputation. However, along with these welcome gains, you and your team are notching some losses: missed family moments, increasing stress, and less time for strategic planning. It’s time to consider outsourcing.

Your company is likely already farming out services like Dayville business insurance or tax preparation. Except for your business’s core competencies, any time-consuming or energy-sapping task is a candidate for outsourcing. Zero in on your enterprise’s most draining chore, and you have a starting point.

Proven Services for Outsourcing

Many small businesses have profited from outsourcing these tasks:

  • Payroll Processing: Even with a low employee headcount, outsourcing payroll operations may be desirable. First, ascertain that your processor will reimburse you for late tax filings. Second, be aware of how your fee will vary with your employee count. Finally, look for ease of entry or integration with your company’s bookkeeping software.
  • Information Technology and Cyber Security: While you likely have cyber liability coverage as part of your small business insurance package, proactive efforts to ward off cybercrime or website downtime are crucial. In evaluating IT services, quick response time is the first item on your checklist. A good starting point is asking your local business-owning friends about their experiences with IT providers.
  • SEO: Search engine optimization, the process of earning your web content a high rank on Google and Bing, is another candidate for outsourcing. With ranking algorithms changing at a rapid pace, this is one chore to leave to a specialist. If an SEO agency is out of reach, look for a freelancer who has delivered results for a local business.
  • Payment processing: The tedious routine of managing accounts payable and receivable is an inviting operation to outsource. Nevertheless, take extra care in choosing a payment processing company. A payment processer is interacting with your customers, so this company’s conduct reflects on your own business’s reputation.

Virtual Assistants for Ultimate Flexibility in Outsourcing

If an off-the-shelf service doesn’t meet your need, the worldwide pool of virtual assistants beckons. Bookkeeping, product description writing, web page maintenance, and order fulfillment are just a handful of the job skills available. A remote-working virtual assistant can shoulder a single time-consuming task or a combination of duties.

Nonetheless, it’s important to remain realistic. An agency can quickly supply a shortlist of qualified candidates, but all of the typical pitfalls of hiring and onboarding a new team member remain, plus possible headaches from half-day time zone differences. However, entrepreneurs willing to surmount these short-term hurdles can reap enormous long-term efficiencies for an affordable fee.

Farming out time-consuming tasks allows a refocus on the passion that ignited your business adventure. With Dayville business insurance as a foundation, a prudent outsourcing program can enable you and your team to thrive both on and off the job.

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