Summer Maintenance for Classic Car Enthusiasts

Summer Maintenance for Classic Car EnthusiastsSummer is the best time of year to take your antique car for a spin. What better way to reconnect with the past than to take a drive in your collector vehicle? But, before hitting the gas, you’ll need to consider the following summer maintenance checklist. As classic car enthusiasts know, ownership is a labor of love, and the summer months are no different in terms of care required. As we explore how to keep your vehicle in mint condition, protect your investment with a Windham County Collector Car Insurance policy.

Cover it up.

When you’re not using your vehicle, it requires a garaged facility or, at the very least, a car cover. Wind, rain, hail, and debris will cause damage to your antique vehicle, chipping the paint and causing corrosion over time. The more your vehicle rusts, the more you will be forced to purchase replacement parts – all costing a pretty penny. Wind can cause objects to be blown into your vehicle and scratch it and overexposure to heat can cause your vehicle to overheat. Purchase a professional cover or garage it when not in use.

Give it a thorough detailing.

Detailing will eliminate accumulations of dirt and grime. As you can imagine, the buildup of dirt and grime can damage your classic car and lead to chipped paint, poor performance, and rusted parts. After detailing your classic car, you should rinse and dry it thoroughly to ensure soap scum doesn’t remain on your vehicle. You should also add a coat of wax to your classic car for aesthetics and protecting your vehicle from the elements, recommends Vanguard Motor Sales.

Maintenance check.

Get your vehicle inspected by a professional to ensure everything is in good working order and you don’t overlook something that could cause major problems down the line. A professional’s opinion is best, and consider getting a second opinion before going through with major repairs.

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