Summer Motorcycling: Wearing the Right Gear

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Summer Motorcycling: Wearing the Right GearWhen it comes to riding a motorcycle in the summer, you have two major factors to consider when selecting your clothing. First, you need the right gear to shade your skin from the harsh sun, and second, you need the right gear to protect your body from abrasions, lacerations, and other injuries. In this installment of our series on staying safe on the road in summer, we’re going to go over the necessary clothing and gear you need as a motorcyclist. Next, secure your investment with a Windham County Motorcycle Insurance policy and heed the following safety advice.


It goes without saying that regardless of sun exposure, a helmet is a must. If you get into an accident on a motorcycle, your helmet is going to be your life saver. Plus, it protects you from bugs, sun, and you can have some easy entertainment with Bluetooth.


A spill on a motorcycle can leave you with lifelong scars. However, with the right jacket, you can prevent these injuries from occurring. As we mentioned in a previous post, it might seem illogical to wear a heavy jacket in the heat, but the jacket protects your skin from burning and keeps your upper body cooler than it would be when exposed to direct sunlight. You can choose one made out of ballistic mesh to allow some breathability, as well.

Motorcycle pants.

Jeans aren’t going to provide any protection should you fall, and they absorb heat very easily. According to Best Beginner Motorcycles, many manufacturers are starting to design jeans with Kevlar panels added to key places. Some are even weaving the Kevlar directly into the cotton material, and adding armor to likely impact zones. The Kevlar jeans won’t protect you as much as leather pants, but they are MUCH better than regular denim jeans.

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