Summer Riding Safety: Drinking Enough Water

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Summer Riding Safety: Drinking Enough WaterIn the hot summer months, it’s obvious that our bodies require more water to stay hydrated. In this final installment in our article series regarding summer motorcycle riding safety, we’re going to cover the tips and tricks you can implement to stay hydrated and focused on your trip. We’ve already covered the basics, including how to identify signs of heat stroke and the proper gear to wear to protect your body, now it’s time to go over how to ensure you have enough water on the road. Next, secure your investment with a Windham County Motorcycle Insurance policy and heed the following safety advice.

Avoid drinking too much alcohol the night before.

Alcohol has a diuretic effect on the body. In other words, it causes the body to lose more water during urination than it takes in. It’s more difficult to make up for this loss of fluid after a night of heavy drinking because of this process, so limit your alcohol intake.

Start drinking water before you head out.

Drinking a lot of water right before you head out isn’t the best decision, especially as it takes about 30 minutes to nourish your muscles and it can cause your stomach to cramp. Instead, sip on water the moment you wake up and keep drinking until you’re ready to go. This will give your body enough time to process it and prevent uncomfortable cramping on your bike.

Depending on length of your journey and the heat you’re exposed to, you could need up to 10 liters of water each day. The more you drink before you set out, the less often you’ll have to stop and the less baggage you’ll have to accommodate on your motorcycle.

Allow for ventilation.

Leathers may protect you better in a crash, but they create a “microclimate” which impairs your ability to lose heat. As a result, you will produce more sweat to decrease your core temp. Instead, wear a flow-through jacket. Make sure they have vents in the back so the air flows through. Also, loosen the sleeves so you get plenty of air on your wrists which have a lot of blood vessels close to the skin to effectively cool you down, explains Motorcycle Writer.

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