Summer Scooter Safety in CT

Summer is scooter season. Electric scooters are a fun way to get from here to there in the high days of summer when lazy afternoons seem to stretch out forever. However, no matter how enjoyable scooters seem, they are still a form of road transportation, and safety should be a priority. Scooter operators need to be as serious about their responsibilities as are car owners. Here are five scooter safety tips for summer motoring.

Keep Your Cool

Keep your scooter cool, that is. In the summer heat, cool is in style. Buy a light-colored scooter. When you make this purchase, purchase Dayville scooter insurance at the same time. Being properly insured is part of being on the road. Learn about how your scooter operates, and if the day is scorching, consider keeping your scooter stable until temperatures cool down a bit.

Stay Tuned Up

Your scooter works hard, especially in the summer heat. Take some steps to keep it in good condition for safe riding and also to prolong your scooter’s life. Suggestions include:

  • Inspect tires and brakes frequently
  • Keep tires slightly underinflated
  • Do not leave your scooter broiling in the sun for long periods
  • Avoid charging your scooter right after using it

Operating your scooter sensibly is part of keeping yourself and others safe. While quality Dayville scooter insurance includes roadside assistance, life is so much easier when you take simple steps to keep your wheels in good condition.

Learn the Laws

Each state has its own scooter laws. These regulations can change each year, so check them often. Connecticut has specific guidelines you should follow in order to ride legally. Know the proper speed limit and helmet requirements before taking a spin. For example, Connecticut scooter drivers younger than 16 are required to wear helmets. Make sure your scooter is of a legal size. You also are required to be registered to operate a scooter in Connecticut, and drivers younger than 18 must take a training course.

Dress Well

Avoid wearing flip-flops and other lightweight footwear while operating your scooter. Closed-toe, comfortable shoes are the best choice. Helmets are highly recommended for scooter drivers of all ages. Choose a helmet with good ventilation in the summer heat. Wear polarized glasses to not only protect your eyes from the sun’s rays but also to help you see the busy roads more clearly. On a scooter, you have to stay alert and watch for pedestrians as well as cyclists and those driving heavy road vehicles.

Get Covered

In Connecticut, quality Dayville scooter insurance is not merely a good idea. The state requires scooter drivers to be insured. Get covered before you hit the sidewalks or slow roads on your summer wheels.

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