Texting & Driving: Connecticut Teens Distracted

Texting & Driving: Connecticut Teens DistractedThere is the old adage that knowledge is power. So in theory, the more we know about the dangers of texting and driving, the less likely we will be to engage in those risky behaviors, right? Try telling that to a teenage driver.

According to Auto Blog, a national survey by Consumer Reports found that half of all teens surveyed used a handheld phone while driving in the past thirty days; a full 30% copped to texting while driving. In addition 8% said they operated a smart phone app while driving.

Here’s the kicker. Of the participants, 63% said talking on the phone is “dangerous,” meaning they know it but do it anyways.  This is particularly unnerving given that auto crashes is a leading cause of death among teenagers. And more than two-thirds of people younger than 25 have a smartphone.

“With adolescents there’s an element of risk taking that in some ways is age appropriate. There was also a subset of very nonchalant teenagers who were like: ‘I can do it in a safe way. I think I’m a good enough driver so this isn’t a problem,” the Washington Post reports.

A study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration last month found that 13% of drivers ages 18-20 in crashes admitted to texting or talking on the phone. Of those who text and drive 20% said sending e-mails or text messages did not affect their performance.

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