The Benefits of Life Insurance for All Ages

The Benefits of Life Insurance for All AgesMany people wonder what the best age to get life insurance is, and often put off getting life insurance because it’s not the “right time” to do it. Well, the good news is that life insurance is beneficial at any age. Whether you have dependents, debt, car payments, student loans or a mortgage, it will benefit you in some way. If you have yet to purchase life insurance, we recommend doing so as soon as possible, regardless of your age. To help you with your decision, here are the benefits that life insurance can offer you at every age.


Many people wrongly assume that they only need life insurance if they are likely to die in the near future. This is incorrect, and your twenties is not too young to purchase life insurance. Many individuals are surprised to know there are numerous ways to benefit from a policy now. Some circumstances include:

  • Student loan cosigners -Life insurance provides cosigners with protection if you die unexpectedly.
  • Marriage and family expectations – If your salary will be essential for your household, life insurance is a must.
  • Savings – At your youngest and healthiest state, premiums are most affordable. Purchasing life insurance now covers your 30’s, 40’s and into your 50’s at the best rates.


Your thirties are the prime time to buy life insurance. You may have some debts, but you are also likely in the money-making years of your career.

If you’re living with a partner, you don’t want them to be left with unaffordable payments if you were to die. Having children who are still young requires life insurance to be certain they would be taken care of if you were to pass away. If you have business interests with people who depend on you to maintain this business, life insurance is critical to protect those involved. Planning to start a family later in life allows you to prepare now while you’re at your prime and rates are low. Take advantage of this while you can.


Many people avoid seeking insurance because they believe current medical conditions will make rates too high; however an agent can work with you and your unique needs. It is a common myth that life insurance is unaffordable in your 40’s, however that is simply just not true. Speak to a Connecticut life insurance agent to get a quote.


If you are moving into a second career such as starting a business, you will have new interests to protect. You may have taken on new debt from putting your kids through college or possibly have a spouse that depends on your income to continue the same lifestyle. Consider how your life has evolved and how you could benefit from life insurance.


You wouldn’t qualify for a 30 year term, but you can still be covered up to 25 years, or obtain a permanent policy. Estate planning, inheritance and funeral expenses are some situations many consider at this stage in life. Even if you have medical issues, there’s a policy that will suit your needs and your finances.


Many people still need coverage and the good news is it’s available for you at every age. 10 year term policies are offered all the way up to age 75. Ask a Connecticut insurance agent for rates regarding your current circumstances.

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