The Best Ideas for a Seasonal Summer Business

The Best Ideas for a Seasonal Summer BusinessFor business owners and entrepreneurs, summertime represents a great opportunity to branch out with other ventures that can help turn a profit or provide a financial boost for a short period of time. A seasonal summer business may be the ideal choice to supplement income and branding while also keeping other business afloat.

Consumers are looking for a number of ways to beat the heat or get active before things like school and colder weather it. And for business owners, summertime is the best time to strategize a plan to move business forward after the warmer months and push you through the rest of the year. Until then, we’ve rounded up a handful of seasonal summer business ideas that can help in a number of ways.

Bike Rental

A bike rental business is a great way for people in the community to get out and explore their community. With the rise of bike-sharing and e-scooter sharing, people are now more encouraged than ever to get out and get active. Bike rental business owners can start a business like this with relatively low overhead depending on the quality of bikes that are purchased.

Earning potential will depend on location and the overall market for bike rentals. Business owners should choose locations that put bikes right in the line of sight of potential renters, such as hotel districts, restaurants, theaters, and downtown areas. With good location, initial investment, and keeping a lean business running, a bike rental operation has great growth potential over the summer season.

Challenge Course

Fitness is becoming more and more popular among groups of people looking to challenge themselves and each other. From CrossFit competitions to goat yoga, people are seeking high and low for ways to get outside and get fit. A fun and tough way that people are getting their exercise is to jump feet first into challenge courses.

Adventure and challenge courses are fun ideas for outdoors enthusiasts who are seeking new business opportunities. Having corporate training and physical training on your resume can help to create a successful and safe environment for adrenaline chasers. Plus, these courses aren’t just for the average fitness enthusiast as they also present great opportunities to link up with corporations for team-building days.

Farmers Market

With the advent of social media and more platforms to spread helpful information, going green has seen a major push in recent years. With the increasing popularity of organic and locally sourced foods, getting a community farmers market going can be a great investment. Startup costs will vary depending on location and if it is operated as a non-profit, but can offer a big payoff by boosting community relations and bringing people together. Plus, farmers markets have expanded to go beyond just selling fruits and vegetables as they’re now popular places to park food trucks and host live music.

Insuring Everything

Before you open your seasonal business, you have to know the pitfalls of operating any kind of business without insurance. Local coverage providers, such as Connecticut business insurance programs, can help to supply everything from general liability insurance to professional liability. When starting a seasonal business, especially more active ones like bike rentals or challenge courses, you’re also opening the door to potential claims that are wide-ranging. From cyber threat issues to negligence to injuries incurred on a fitness course, there are plenty of risks to protect against.

Connecticut business insurance providers like Byrnes Agency can provide the right protection and education around what type you need for the kind of seasonal summer business you’re planning on running.

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