The Best Time to Get a Car Insurance Quote

The Best Time to Get a Car Insurance QuoteIt is always a prudent idea to check in on your insurance policies on an annual basis, just to be clear on the current status and if there are any updates to your policy or your coverage. However, the time following any major life event is undoubtedly the best time to get updated quotes for any policy. New life events can change your insurance needs, so getting updated quotes after something big happens in your life is always a good idea.

Because Auto Insurance is a necessary policy for anyone on the road, we’d like to start off with a discussion of when you should be looking to get new car insurance quotes.

When You’re Newly Married

Auto insurance policies are an essential part of merging finances with your spouse. If you and your spouse decide to choose the same company, you may qualify for a multi-policy or multi-car discount. Also, since married drivers tend to be in fewer accidents than unmarried ones, it may lower the rates automatically. It will almost always be worth getting car insurance quotes after just tying the knot.

When You’re Adding a Driver

Whenever you need to add a driver to your policy, get a quote first so you know what you are working with.

It can be quite frightening for a parent to think of paying for their teen’s auto insurance. The good news is that you may be able to find certain special discounts for teen and young adult drivers, such as for being a good student or taking a driver training course.

When You’re Freshly Retired

Within reasonable parameters, auto insurance companies normally take a favorable view of older drivers, for a few reasons. For one, if you are an individual who is no longer commuting to work every day, you will probably put fewer miles on your car and therefore be less likely to get into an accident. In this case, it is generally worth checking for fresh car insurance quotes, just in case you could make a beneficial change to your policy.

When You’re Purchasing a New Car

Buying a car, either new or old, may seem like enough work alone, but you will need to ask for new quotes to go with your new vehicle. Differences in cost, theft rates and cars’ equipment normally make some vehicles’ insurance increase quite a bit more than others. It is beneficial to gather some quotes before you decide on a car so you will not be surprised.

When You’re Getting a New House or Job

Moving can raise or lower your rates. If you move further from your workplace and lengthen your commute, you would likely see a rise in rates. If you were to move to an area with lower crime rates, you could see a drop. Getting a new job can also make a difference because certain professions are associated with higher and lower rates. If your job changes, this just may drop your rates.


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