The Most Beautiful Autumn Road Trip Destinations on the East Coast

The Most Beautiful Autumn Road Trip Destinations on the East CoastA time-honored tradition for families and wanderlust-ers alike is the classic summer road trip. From heading to the beach or driving across the country or heading up to the mountains to escape the heat, there’s no shortage of reasons to get in the car and go. But autumn presents a number of great reasons and opportunities to pack up and hit the highway as well.

When the leaves turn color and the weather turns crisp, American explorers are just as keen to check out what the great wide open road has in store. And when someone thinks of fall, they might think of the beautiful weather and screensaver-like visuals of the beautiful east coast. From Maine to Miami, America’s eastern seaboard presents stop after stop of unmatched and unique wonder.

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Here are just a few places to check out this fall when you’re heading out on the open road.

Rangeley Lakes Scenic Byway

This 35-mile route winds through western Maine, wrapping around Rangeley Lake and its subsequent smaller lakes that outline it. Drivers can see orange, brown, yellow, red, and green leaves hang from tall maple and cedars that dart the quiet lands of the remote part of the New England state. Small New England villages speckle the highways, offering drivers opportunities to stop, shop local, and get a taste of the region.

Vermont’s Route 100

Also located in New England, this 146-mile scenic drive is home to the region’s Green Mountains that, in contrast to their name, turn many different colors during autumn. The route runs from Waterbury to Stowe in the state, winding around rivers, state parks, and forests, and giving road trippers another taste of New England in the fall.

Blue Ridge Parkway

For road-trippers looking for a longer haul, what’s known as “America’s Favorite Drive” can quench that thirst. Connecting Shenandoah National Park with the Great Smoky Mountains in North Carolina, the Blue Ridge Parkway winds through mountainscapes, over vast valleys, and along small quiet towns all decorated with the changing foliage.


Back up in western Massachusetts, the Berkshires is a mountainous region that offers plenty of outdoor adventures, great farm-to-table cuisine, and an entrance to the Appalachian Trail. The scenic route along Route 8 allows drivers to split off in a number of directions, depending on what’s next for their adventure, or allows them to continue down the road to see the season’s beautiful changing colors.

Georgia Coast

Most people think of Atlanta or the sleepy south when they think of Georgia. From swamps to weeping willows, Georgia carries visuals of something slow and warm. But the southeastern state’s coast is dotted with small islands that let drivers turn into island hoppers. A great way to get around the heat of the summer, this drive lets road trippers see the region’s unique island flare, complete with white beaches, without having to deal with summer sizzling.

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