Tips for Scheduling Routine Golf Course Maintenance

Although every golf course business requires regular maintenance in order to remain in good condition, uphold the property’s value and satisfy customer expectations, scheduling maintenance sessions may sometimes seem complicated. When booking maintenance, it’s important to have a well-planned maintenance route, a highly trained crew and a thorough plan to ensure the entire course is covered. If your business already has CT Golf Course Insurance for added protection but still needs advice on scheduling effective maintenance sessions, take a look at this quick guide to golf course maintenance.

Settle Detailed Maintenance Plans With Your Crew Ahead of Time

In order to avoid day-of confusion and ensure a smooth maintenance session, you’ll want to schedule your maintenance early, plan ahead for the associated expenses and settle plans with the crew ahead of time. Make sure to:

  • Create a long list of every type of maintenance you need done at each appointment and ensure the crew will have enough time to get to everything on the list
  • Separate the different types of maintenance into categories such as routine check-ups, supply replacement, landscaping and so on to better designate staff and simplify the maintenance process
  • Provide all maintenance operators with thorough maps of the golf course so they can plan out routes that won’t disturb customers, especially during peak play hours

Calculate the Amount of Maintenance Each Part of Your Course Will Need

To uphold your golf course’s value and appeal, every aspect of it will require some maintenance. You may want to take your budget into consideration before booking maintenance by calculating total costs. You may also wish to:

  • Ensure your maintenance covers every part of your golf course, including turf, sandy areas, trees, bushes, lounges and more
  • Estimate how long the maintenance for each part of the course will take to help you schedule maintenance during off-peak times
  • Schedule your maintenance sessions in such a way that customers are not disrupted during their play to create an enhanced customer experience

Get the Input of Your Staff for Better Maintenance Suggestions

Lastly, if your course has well-trained staff with the know-how to detect potential problems on the property, take advantage of their expertise by getting their input for maintenance concerns. You might consider:

  • Holding regular staff meetings where your employees can voice their concerns and make suggestions for future maintenance needs
  • Creating a straightforward paper or electronic system where employees can submit maintenance recommendations
  • Designating a staff member to take maintenance feedback from employees and maintenance crew members

If your business is looking for effective maintenance tips to complement your thorough CT Golf Course Insurance policy, be sure to keep this handy guide around. By settling on detailed maintenance plans prior to scheduled work, covering the entire course in maintenance checkups and leaning on trained and reliable staff, your company can help ensure effective and hassle-free golf course maintenance.

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