Tips for Keeping Your Classic Car in Great Condition

Owning a classic car is more than a matter of pride and appreciation for the beauty of yesteryear’s automobiles. It is also a financial investment that should be taken seriously. CT Collector Car insurance is just one way to protect the investment you’ve made in that old Jaguar or Corvette, and putting time into caring for the car itself is another.

Here’s your go-to guide for keeping your classic car in great condition.

1. Follow a Regular Maintenance Schedule

Consistent vehicle maintenance improves the longevity and performance of any car, but it is especially important to spend extra time and attention on maintenance when you own a classic car. Older cars tend to have more expensive repair costs because of age and sourcing parts, but routine maintenance can help identify issues that could turn into serious problems. You can use a classic car maintenance checklist to guide your efforts, but the checklist can also serve as documentation for how well you have kept the car in good shape.

2. Keep the Car Clean

For many classic car owners, keeping the car clean isn’t work at all. Parking the car in the driveway and meticulously washing and waxing the vehicle is almost a rite of passage and therapeutic for those who own a classic. Dust and dirt are problematic to your car, as rust, chipped paint, and impaired performance can result from a vehicle left dirty. Rinse your car thoroughly after you have washed it and dry it off with a soft rag. This will help remove any leftover soap scum and keep watermarks from spoiling the look.

3. Store the Car Properly

You should take care to store your car properly if you want the color and performance to remain top-quality. Storing the vehicle indoors or under a custom car cover can also reduce the risk of theft of the vehicle itself or spare parts. Theft protection is included in classic car insurance costs, but you don’t want to take chances with your pride and joy. A car cover protects the paint from fading or being damaged by dust and debris, but indoor storage is best if you want to avoid the impact temperature and weather extremes have on the vehicle.

4. Avoid Modifications

Changing the car out of the original condition changes the value. If at all possible, repair broken parts or locate a stock part if it needs to be replaced. Modern parts will cause the value to decrease, leading to a lower return on investment if you ever try to sell.

By keeping your classic car in excellent condition, you preserve automotive history for years to come. You also help retain the value of the vehicle, both in terms of pride and financial investment.

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