Upholding Productivity While Working from Home

While the country continues to open back up in phases, economically speaking, millions of Americans are still waiting to head back to the office. More than half of all working Americans have transitioned their workplace to their home in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, meaning that people who are used to copy machines and cubicles and in-person meetings have had to find ways to uphold productivity on their couch or in their home office.

Working From Home Productivity Tips

For some, it’s increased their production as working from home has made them more accountable for their work and schedule-keeping. For others, it has put a dent in their system, bringing too much change too fast. Regardless of where people stand on working remotely, there are always ways to be more productive and stay sharp.

Here are some suggestions that can be used to maintain productivity at home during the remainder of any stay-at-home measures.

Designate a Workspace

Having a specific workspace at home can help people focus on their work. By designating a space, such as the living room or home office or kitchen counter, workers can get the benefits of less distraction and more focus. If a worker’s home doesn’t have a home office, they still need to find an area that will encourage less distraction.

Take Breaks

Working from home might inspire a little cabin fever, so it’s important to take breaks like you would at the office and head outside for a bit. While the country may still be closed down in some areas, taking a break to go outside and get some summer sun is still an option. Also, when the day is done, or when lunchtime hits, it can help to stretch and even get in a quick workout that can be done from the comfort of your own living room or patio.

Add Some Flair

Customizing your workspace environment can help to upend some of the monotony and increase productivity. Personalizing a workspace in ways that you may not be able to in a corporate environment can be fun and a great exercise for the mind that can help add some relaxation.

From scented candles to succulents to particular photos, customizing can help bring more of a unique feeling to a home workspace.

Crank It Up to 11

Listening to music at the office is encouraged, but only if headphones are in use. But when you’re home in your own space, nobody is there to tell you otherwise. This is the perfect time to crank up some music and unplug for a bit. If there are family members in the home or roommates, just be mindful of volume. By playing some of your favorite music, you’re encouraging yourself to be more productive and feel less constricted and less stressed.

Keep Regular Hours

This may be a challenge for some people, especially with the comforts of home and streaming services to distract you. American workers should not let transitioning from an office to their home stop them from keeping a strict and rigid schedule. While it’s okay to take a break here and there, workers should make sure to give themselves time stamps on when to meet certain task goals throughout the day, as having a schedule will help maintain productivity.

Ensure Business Insurance is in Place

Having business coverage will add some peace of mind to companies at a time when peace of mind may be hard to come by. Having business coverage adds security to the potential pitfalls of working from home, such as at-home injuries that can be charged to a company, even if they take place in someone’s living room. Business coverage should be updated and maintained regularly so that all bases are covered. Even though these times are unprecedented, businesses can do what they can to ensure the safety of their workers who find themselves working in a new environment.

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