Wedding Insurance: Everything You Should Know

There’s almost no such thing as a perfect wedding. From family quarrels to a cloud burst over an outdoor ceremony, not everything will go as planned. And with the spread of COVID-19 throughout the United States this year, many weddings have had to either postpone, cancel altogether, or get creative. Regardless of the variables, many different things can potentially derail someone’s pending nuptials. That’s why having wedding insurance can protect against many unpredictable wrenches that can be thrown into wedding plans.

What is Wedding Insurance?

Wedding insurance is a kind of event insurance that protects people from losses in certain situations involving their special day. These include unforeseen events caused by damage or injury at a wedding, extreme weather, problems with vendors or the venue, and individual circumstances that may prevent a wedding from happening in the first place.

Like other types of event coverage, wedding insurance coverage is designed to protect people from a host of potential losses related to the wedding day. In general terms, these usually fall under liability coverage or cancellation coverage.

  • Liability Coverage: Before someone buys wedding insurance, they should always ask the venue if they offer event liability, as this can provide critical protection for the wedding day itself. If the venue doesn’t have coverage, the soon-to-be bride and groom may need to provide their own. Wedding event liability coverage may cover different things, such as bodily injury and damage to property.
  • Host Liquor Liability: Depending on the choice of venue and the state laws around you, you may also need to add host liquor liability coverage, which covers any alcohol-related accidents for which you can be held accountable for.
  • Cancellation Coverage: Wedding cancellation coverage protects people from the costs of having to postpone or cancel their wedding due to many common risks. Most of these are protected by wedding cancellation insurance, so if someone decides to buy wedding liability-only coverage, many of these circumstances will not be included but can be considered optional add-ons for a liability package.

How Does Wedding Insurance Work?

Like other types of insurance, you’ll need to choose your coverage limits and deductibles when you set up your wedding insurance coverage policy. These will determine how much your policy costs, how much you’ll have to pay out of pocket if something does occur, and what events it will cover.

To illustrate this, someone might choose a policy that covers $20,000 for expenses associated with bad weather. If an unexpected thunderstorm comes crashing down the day before the wedding date, and a tent is needed, a policy would send the insured a check to cover it.

Some insurance companies offer personalized packages where you can choose the amounts of coverage for certain items, and others include protection based on a packaged insurance deal.

What is Not Covered by Wedding Insurance?

Wedding insurance is not a complete cure-all for wedding day mishaps, however. Wedding insurance coverage doesn’t typically cover those insured if they suddenly can’t afford their wedding. Some wedding insurance cancellation policies may cover this if the lack of funds is due to an unexpected job loss that happens at a time after a cancellation policy was purchased, though.

Wedding insurance coverage is usually for things that are not within the couple’s control, so it doesn’t provide coverage when people opt out of getting married (i.e. cold feet). And some policies cover liability for 24 hours and others only cover you until midnight.

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