What Every College Student Should Know Before Moving into Their First Apartment

What Every College Student Should Know Before Moving into Their First ApartmentA new school year is already here, making it an exciting and adventurous time for college students across the country who are living away from home. And while dorm room living is always an option, some college students have decided to live off-campus in their own apartment, having more freedom to create the home they want.

But there’s more to moving into your first apartment besides finding the right curtains and surviving off ramen noodles. College students should prepare for their first apartment with diligence and essential planning, and understand everything from move-in fees to what it means when breaking apartment lease isn’t an option.

Planning and Budgeting

There are a lot of decisions to be made before the first box is packed. One thing to do is to look over your financials and have a parent or friend help with laying everything out. From what you can afford every week on groceries to covering your other bills like phone, it’s important to cover your bases here.

Be sure to ask yourself what you can afford month to month or even week to week. Is your phone bill paid? Are your parents helping to cover anything? What about loans, grants, and scholarships? Break down your expenses starting with rent and go from there. This should give you a clear picture as to how you can live comfortably and what you need to look out for or cut.

Make a List

It may be exciting to think of the freedom that comes with living in an apartment compared to a dorm. You have more opportunity to add some character to your surroundings than the smaller room you lived in on campus. But don’t go overboard here.

Keep it simple by getting the essentials:

  • Furniture for the bedroom, kitchen, living room, and possibly balcony
  • Dishes
  • Pots and pans
  • Bedding
  • Microwave (if not included)
  • Coffee maker
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Rugs
  • Television

Another great tip when filling out your apartment is to see if your friend(s) who will be living with you have any of these items they would like to bring over or if you have family who can spare them. Your first choice shouldn’t be brand new, especially since most of your time will be spent studying on campus or in class.

Unexpected Expenses

Whether you’re a college student or middle-aged homeowner, you can only plan for so much. College students might not be considering the possibility of a fire, theft, vandalism, or flood. When it comes to damage or loss of items or a unit, are they going to be protected? This is why college student renters insurance, specifically made for young adults looking to keep their items and well-being safe, is important to add on when budgeting.

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