Why and How to Remove Snow and Ice from Your Car (Before You Start Driving)

Why and How to Remove Snow and Ice from Your Car (Before You Start Driving)Winter is sweeping through the country and is set to be more brutal than years past. With snow landing everywhere from Arizona to Atlanta, drivers across the country are having to put in a little extra time to warm their vehicles up and hit the salted roads. But no matter how much snow has landed on your vehicle, it’s important to do one major thing: clean it off.

Even though cleaning the snow off a car can take a few minutes of having to be outside in the frigid cold, it’s a must from coast to coast. Driving with snow on your car may look seasonal, but it’s actually creating more of a hazard than you’d think.

Here are some reasons why it’s important to remove the snow and ice from your car and how you can best get it done.

Legal Reasons

No one gets behind the wheel of their snowy car thinking they’ll get a ticket or be hit with a major fine on their record. But local police have it within their rights to let drivers know that driving around with snow and ice on their vehicles is a hazard to others. Police can offer up verbal or written warnings or go ahead and hand out tickets, and then you still have to clean off your vehicle.

A Danger to Drivers

Ice- and snow-covered roads are already a risk to drivers and pedestrians, but having someone driving along with snow and ice packed on their car can present a bigger problem. Snow blowing off a vehicle reduces visibility for other drivers and ice can form on vehicle surfaces, causing ice sheets to form. These ice sheets can crack, then fly back onto other vehicles or passersby.

If damage is done to someone’s car because of your having ice or snow on it, you could be held liable for any fines or payments. Having local insurance, such as Hartford car insurance through Byrnes, can help to reduce the overall costs related to these types of claims. But heeding the need to clean off your car should be step number one.

How to Clear Off Snow Before You Head Out

It’s important to take care of this issue before you drive away. No one likes to spend a few minutes outside scraping the snow and ice off their car, but in the long run, it will keep you and everyone else around you safe.

It’s relatively easy to prevent any issues from happening by clearing off your vehicle in the driveway. Get a quality snowbrush to help clear everything off quickly but effectively. Keep the brush bristles from getting ice buildup on them by drying the head out with a heater or keep it dry in the back of your car after you use it. Avoid using household brooms as these can scratch paint more easily.

Snow should be cleared away from the driver’s door area before it’s opened as this helps to avoid sucking in a drift of snow onto the seat or floorboard. Don’t tap or beat the ice that has formed as this will only lead to body and paint damage in the long run. Let the car’s heating system do the work for you from the inside out.

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