Windham County Auto Insurance: The Cost of Distracted Driving

Windham County Auto Insurance: The Cost of Distracted DrivingWindham County Auto Insurance: The Cost of Distracted Driving

As of a couple months ago, if someone disobeyed Connecticut’s distracted driving laws, they paid a fine and their insurer was not notified. However, that recently changed as two bills aimed at combating distracted driving were passed. Insurance companies will now be made aware of this moving violation, plus the fines have been increased.

If you hold a Windham County auto insurance policy, this should be taken into heavy consideration. In an effort to protect yourself and your family physically, but also financially, steps should be taken to reduce your risk of being held liable due to distracted driving.

One of the things you can do in your home is implement a cell phone ban, preventing your teens and spouse from using their phones while driving. To execute this, you can advise them to; turn off their wireless phones or devices before starting the car, inform their friends and employer that their calls will be returned when no longer driving, and pull over to a safe location and put the vehicle in park if a call must be made.

Another important step for you to take to minimize the chances of your family members driving distracted is to set a good example. Turn off your cell phone while driving, and emphasize why you feel it is important. Let your kids know there will be consequences if you find out they’ve used their phone while driving.

Distracted driving is also a hazard in the workplace. In recent years, numerous plaintiffs have filed and won multi-million dollar actions against employers for injuries arising from negligent driving of an employee who was distracted by the use of a cell phone.  So whether you own or work for a Connecticut business or you are protecting your family, it’s imperative that you be covered by the appropriate auto insurance policy.

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