Winter Driving Tips for Inclement Weather

If you live where snow falls or sleet rains down during the winter, you’ve probably come across some overconfident drivers breezing by you on an icy road. You may have even been that driver at some point. But even overly careful drivers who take all the precautions of driving on wintry roads can end up causing an accident or turn out to not be able to avoid one. Even still, it helps to be aware of what to look out for before you head out for a road trip or quick spin down the street when snow and ice are present. Implementing winter driving tips can minimize risk of injury or crashes on the road.

Here are some winter driving tips to implement during inclement weather.

Drive Smoothly

The key to safe driving in snowy weather is being smooth with the steering, acceleration, and brakes. Any jerky movement with the controls can unstick tires on the road, so every turn of the wheel or push of the brakes must be deliberate, gradual, and gentle. A good rule of thumb is to pretend you’re driving with a scalding hot cup of coffee in your lap.

Ensure Your Insurance

It’s not surprising to say that it’s important to have auto insurance throughout the entire year. But for drivers in areas that experience slick roads, having comprehensive insurance is crucial. Each year, 24 percent of weather-related vehicle crashes occur on snowy, slushy, or icy roads, and 15 percent happen during snowfall or sleet. These crashes lead to higher premiums and long-term damage. Making sure you’re driving safely with the help of a Dayville Auto Insurance provider like Byrnes Agency gives you peace of mind, knowing your car, yourself, and others on the road are covered in the event of an accident.

Look for Flashing Lights

One way to know how much traction you have on a snowy road is to understand what one small light in your instrument cluster means. If you’re driving in a straight line and a light that looks like a car with squiggly lines flashes, this means the stability-control system is warning you that the wheels that drive the vehicle are skidding and slipping. Drivers need to pay attention to this—no excuses.

Hit the Skids

At some point, you’ll experience a slick spot on the road and start to skid away from the course in which you want to go. Drivers can handle any skid, no matter how big or small, and bring the vehicle back under full control in short order.

For a front-wheel skid, ease off the gas. The front tires should regain traction from there, which allows you to aim where you want to go as your traction returns. And for real-wheel skids, quickly turn the steering wheel in the same direction that the rear is sliding.

Anti-Lock Brakes

When all else fails to keep the car driving smoothly, it might be time to engage the anti-lock brake system (ABS). All new vehicles on the road are equipped with ABS, which uses an onboard computer to optimize the braking in harsh conditions. If you are in the middle of a skid from which you can’t regain control, push the brake pedal and don’t let go. The car’s computer will take over from there, keeping each wheel braking as aggressively as possible based on the available traction.

No safety system or winter driving tips will help you avoid all accidents but using these tips can help to limit as much damage as possible and keep you safer on the road.

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