Your Child is Going to College, Will Your Homeowners Insurance Cover Them?

Your Child is Going to College, Will Your Homeowners Insurance Cover Them?Summer break has just begun and that means many parents all across the country are in the early stages of preparing to ship off their kids to college for the first time this August. It can be pretty stressful and emotional when getting this underway, but whether they are living on-campus in a dorm or in an off-campus apartment with friends, it’s important to know that they have the right amount of insurance to protect them financially for everything from their belongings to personal liability.

But before you send them packing, it’s important to know exactly how they’re covered. You may have some questions related to your homeowners insurance and how it may protect your college student living away from home. Here’s a better look at how this is handled and what’s covered.

Homeowners Insurance for Your College Student

Local insurance providers, such as homeowners insurance CT options, can provide many homeowners the protection their college students need when they’re away at school. Some homeowners insurance companies have policies that extend to college students as long as they are enrolled full-time, was a resident of your household up to the point to when they left for school, and is under the age of 26.

Some insurance agencies may only allow this kind of extension to your college student if they only live on campus in a dorm and not in housing of their own off campus. In this case, renters insurance is another option to consider.

Renters insurance, like with Byrnes Agency, covers personal possessions, liability, and additional living expenses. Providing protection against things like fire, smoke, theft, vandalism, and more will provide peace of mind for you and your student. Also, any bodily injury or property damage may be covered under this type of insurance option, adding a layer of safety to their well-being.

Homeowners Coverage Extensions

There are a number of ways in which your homeowners insurance can extend out to your student.

First there’s personal liability, which can help pay for damages and even pay for your student’s legal defense in the event of a lawsuit. If someone is injured inside their dorm or apartment, this kind of extension will cover it.

Next, there are medical payments to others. If someone is injured in their dorm room, this standard type of homeowners insurance can help pay for medical expenses and bills from the hospital that your child is responsible for.

Then there’s personal property coverage, which provides protection for your student’s belongings. Losses like theft, vandalism or fire can fall under this kind of extension as well as damage to clothes and furniture that need to be replaced.

How Much is Covered?

There may be varying limits for homeowners coverage depending on the provider. Many insurers extend the same personal liability limits no matter if your child is home or away at school. Personal property, however, if usually looked at a bit differently as many insurers choose to hold out a certain portion of your personal property insurance to cover belongings

Limits for homeowners coverages tend to vary by insurer. For example, many insurers extend the same personal liability limits whether your youngster is at home or away at school.

Personal property, on the other hand, is often treated a bit differently. Many home insurers designate a certain percentage of your personal property insurance to cover belongings away from home.

Say you already have a policy. If your personal property coverage limit is $140,000, for example, your policy designates 10 percent of that amount to cover items away from home, and your student would have up to $14,000 in personal property protection.

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