Your Guide to Buying an RV

The spread of COVID-19 caused a 70-percent dip in air travel this spring and summer as travelers became increasingly worried about contracting and spreading the virus. To scratch the itch of traveling, people hit the open road in the time-honored American road trip. But for those looking to get reacquainted with America’s highways and byways, seeing it from an RV is more enticing. Buying an RV is a major decision and requires a lot of thought, research, and discussion. Potential owners have to ask themselves questions, like:

  • How often will I use the RV?
  • Where will I be traveling most often?
  • What kind of traveling will I be doing?

We’ll look at these questions and other concerns about buying an RV and give you some tips for buying one.

The Right RV for You

Many RV models offer different kinds of amenities for travelers. Some are larger and more upscale, while others are closer to being tents on wheels. Here’s a closer look at some of the most popular choices among RV buyers:

  • Class A Motorhome: The largest of RVs, Class A, is usually what people think of when they want to purchase a recreational vehicle. These RVs feature the most amenities that you can pack into a vehicle, including bathrooms, a queen-sized bed in the back, a full fridge, and a kitchenette.
  • Class B Motorhome: These are smaller RVs that are sometimes referred to as campers. Like Class A RVs, they come with a kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom, but on a smaller scale.
  • Class C Motorhome: Class C RVs are built on truck or van frames explicitly designed for this size of vehicle. They have an overhang above the cab that is used as a sleeping berth or storage space.
  • Hybrid Trailers: These fall between full travel trailers and fold-down/pop-up trailers and provide more space with an option for a kitchen, dining, and bathroom to be included.
  • Fifth Wheel: Because of the hitch design, fifth-wheels feature a raised section that creates a bi-level outline that adds more room.

Shopping for an RV

While online shopping for vehicles is becoming more and more popular, especially with social distancing, the new norm is that buying an RV should be done in person, giving you a better look at just what you’re getting.

Visiting a dealership lets you see how big the RV is and allows you to get inside and feel the space out. Make sure you get a good look at everything you want to see before heading out on the open road. Take your time and find the one that fits all your needs and feels most comfortable.

Insuring Your RV

Insuring an RV can be challenging as they need to be covered by custom protection. Connecticut RV Insurance from Byrnes can be custom-tailored to fit your needs as an RV owner. These plans usually include collision damage to your RV, liability insurance, medical, fire, theft or vandalism, and more. Your insurance provider should go over the various coverage amounts and deductibles that meet your driving needs and budget.

Paying for an RV: Cash or Credit?

An RV is a different kind of auto purchase. While it is technically an automobile, it’s more like a home on wheels. That’s why you should brace for sticker shock when you’re browsing for your new or new-to-you RV.

Across the country, RVs are selling fast. Some dealers are even reporting long waitlists for used RVs. A recent report from the Reston, Virginia-based RV Industry Association indicated that RVs’ wholesale shipments in June exceeded 40,000 — the highest total since October 2018. And with air travel projected to creep back to normal, traveling via highway is expected to grow.

While it would be great if you had enough saved to pay for an RV, even an older used one, you’re likely going to have to finance. Like car dealerships, RV dealers have relationships with banks to provide the best financing offers, and, given the popularity of RV sales right now, they should be willing to work out a buyer-friendly deal.

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