5 Ways to Successfully Streamline Workers’ Compensation Claims

Workers’ compensation claims do not always process as seamlessly as possible, sometimes taking years to close a case. Workers’ compensation insurance is a legal requirement for most employers in most states. Handling workers comp claims can be challenging, though — especially when your business encounters obstacles, delays, and hefty expenses. There are a few methods to combat these problems, though.

Ways to Navigate Workers’ Compensation Claims

Streamlining workers comp claims and workers’ claims management is easy with these five steps.

Develop a Workers’ Claims Management Strategy

Managing your workers’ comp claims effectively demands a clear strategy. This strategy will look different for every company, but generally, you should start by establishing a dedicated team to handle claims. This team may include the claims adjuster, leadership from your company, and a settlement advisor. This team should identify claims that are good candidates for settlement as soon as possible. The team should then offer the settlement to the claimant or work toward an alternative solution.

Use Your Time Wisely

It’s essential, too, for employers to use their time wisely once a claim emerges. The time limit varies by state, but most states require employers to approve or deny a claim within a specific window. In some cases, this period is as short as 21 days. To leverage this time effectively, employers should thoroughly investigate the employee’s claim and the circumstances surrounding the injury.

Work With Your Adjuster Collaboratively

The aforementioned investigation is a crucial component of the claim’s outcome. If it’s overwhelming to think about staging an investigation in such a short time period, though, you can enlist help from your claims adjuster to gather more information. A claims adjuster can interview the claimant and other employees who might have witnessed the injury.

Enlist Help From a Nurse Case Manager

Nurse case managers are another helpful resource for handling workers comp claims and ensuring they reach a fair outcome. Nurse case managers coordinate communications between an injured employee and healthcare providers. It can improve the employee’s access to the medical care they need and give your company insight into the employee’s recovery and condition.

Find Innovative Workers Claims Management Strategies

Creativity is the best way to streamline your workers’ claims management process. When your business receives a claim, you might think you only have so many options — accept it, deny it, or offer a settlement. On the contrary, you can explore other solutions with help from your aforementioned workers’ comp team. For example, if your business has the resources to offer an early retirement package to an injured employee, this may be advantageous to both your business and the claimant.

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