Insurance is here for your business when a loss occurs, whether it’s an accident involving a company car or a fire that shutters your storefront. At Byrnes, we want to help you manage these and other types of losses in addition to providing you with the coverages you need.

Claims Management from the Byrnes Agency

We’re Your Advocate

Claims management is an integral part of the risk management services we provide to Connecticut businesses. Our specialists at the Byrnes Agency will review your organization’s entire claims process, including claims reporting and auditing.

Facilitating the Claims Process

We’ll do an analysis of your claims history to determine trends and other vital information that can help us implement action plans and programs to stem losses and dramatically impact your risk profile and pricing. We’ll help you implement efficient, proactive strategies to negotiate services with third-party claims administrators and establish strict claims reporting and management procedures within your organization, all designed to close claims fairly and effectively and provide you with savings.

We’ll also serve as your advocate throughout the entire claims process, including communicating with your insurance company or third-party claims administrator to help resolve disputed or outstanding claims.