To get from one green to the next on the golf course or around your retirement community or condo complex, you hop into your golf cart. Be sure to protect yourself with the coverage that follows you wherever you go.

Golf Care Insurance with the Byrnes Agency

Ride With Protection Behind You

As you drive around in your golf cart, whether on the greens or off, we’d like to keep you in the “green”. When it comes to protecting property as specialized as your golf cart, you need customized insurance protection. The Byrnes Agency in Connecticut can provide you with Golf Cart insurance coverage for your vehicle.

Coverage Details

Your Golf Cart insurance coverage can be tailored to include the following:

  • Collision — pays for damage to golf cart if you come into contact with a physical object.
  • Comprehensive — pays for damage to golf cart in the event of fire, theft, vandalism, etc.
  • Bodily Injury Liability — protects you against financial loss if you’re held liable for a golf car accident causing injury or death to someone else.
  • Property Damage — protects you if you’re found liable for damage to other people’s property caused by your golf cart.
  • Medical Payments — pays reasonable and necessary medical expenses, up to the selected limits, directly resulting from an accident with your golf cart.

What’s more, if you store your golf cart for several months out of the year, we can still provide you with year-round Golf Cart insurance at rates that take into account extended times when the vehicle is not being used. Additionally, we have an Agreed-Value option, which will repair or replace your damaged golf cart or pay an agreed amount if the golf cart is a total loss.