Avoid These Common Home Woes in Winter

Homes can present a variety of maintenance tasks for their owners regardless of the season. From dusting to yardwork, checking the gutters, to checking the wiring, upkeep is essential for all homeowners. During the chillier time of year, however, houses can present unique winter household problems. The cold weather outside intensifies some issues and can end up causing some major home woes.

The damage to your property can be expensive and dangerous, which is why it’s crucial to get ahead of common home woes in the winter. Here are some main issues that homeowners need to be aware of before winter settles in for the long haul.

Pipe Talk

Pipes that freeze can turn into burst pipes, creating a significant hazard for homeowners and causing excessive water damage. And if you’re on the road for a winter getaway when pipes burst, the damage will only get worse. Pipes in outside walls, in an attic, in a cold basement, or along the backs of cabinets are more at risk of freezing due to their exposure to the elements.

To combat this, homeowners can add insulation to these pipes and open kitchen and bathroom cabinets to allow for warm air to circulate. Instead of shutting off the heat while you’re out, set the temperature inside the house 60 degrees or higher to help prevent the pipes from freezing over.

 Garage Door Problems

Garage doors can end up freezing and getting stuck to the ground due to ice and freezing temperatures. Even if they don’t freeze, cold weather causes garage doors to operate poorly, putting a strain on the metals and springs. Problems like these can be taken care of relatively inexpensively with lubrication and replacing springs.

When springs do need replacing, opt for professional help instead of doing it on your own. Springs, while not expensive to replace, can present hazards for owners. Another way to be safe is to protect your home with Dayville Homeowners Insurance. This kind of coverage protects homeowners with the comprehensive coverage they need for peace of mind.

From the Roof

Ice dams can occur when the heat inside your house causes snow in the middle of your roof to melt and then freeze again near the edges. The dams that form lead to leaks in the roof, which in turn only lead to water damage in your ceilings and walls. To help prevent this from happening, keep your attic cooler by sealing all holes and covering all cracks in places like light fixtures and ceiling fans.

In general, cracks and leaks in your house can cause your heating bill to rise. Nearly half of your home’s heat loss can escape through the roof alone. Besides insulating your attic, you can install double-paned glass or insulate windows with plastic weather insulation or even opt for block out curtains. 

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