You spent so much time and effort building your business into the thriving entity it is today. Don’t put it all at risk because your liability limits fall short.

Excess Liability Insurance with the Byrnes Agency

An Extra Layer of Business Liability Protection

Claims and lawsuits unfortunately are a fact of doing business, and our goal at the Byrnes Agency is to help Connecticut companies prevent them from occurring in the first place, and to provide the right coverage should a loss occur.

Part of this involves looking at your company’s existing Liability policies to determine if you have enough coverage. But it also involves augmenting your coverage with Excess Liability insurance or a Commercial Umbrella policy.

When Excess Liability Coverage Kicks In

An Excess Liability policy is designed to respond in the event your company’s underlying Liability policy cannot fully cover the costs of the judgment, which is not all that uncommon today considering the size of lawsuits. It provides coverage if you have a liability claim that is large enough to exhaust the limits of your General Liability, Product Liability, or Commercial Auto policy. Excess Liability coverage serves as protection against financial disaster. Coverage is available for:

  • Personal Injury Liability
  • Contractual Liability
  • Vehicle Liability, including aircraft & watercraft
  • Liquor Law Liability
  • And More

Our specialists will review with you how much Umbrella coverage you need based on your exposures, risk tolerance, and assets. We will then prepare a policy that is competitively priced for you to evaluate.