Connecticut Boat Storage Tips

Summer is over, and for those of us who live in colder climates, like the Northeast, it’s almost time to hunker down and prepare our boats and recreation vehicles for winter. So, where do you start when you consider boat storage tips for winter? Storing your boat at a marina may be convenient, but it could cost you a pretty penny. Taking your boat back home can be a hassle and potentially leave it exposed to the harsh winter elements. And with nearly half of all CT Boat insurance claims occurring during the off-season, you could end up being at risk for expensive damages.

With this in mind, it’s important to prepare your boat for a long winter’s nap with some helpful boat storage tips.

Consider the Climate

The first thing to think about when storing your boat is the local climate and weather. For those of us in the Northeast, you’ll know exactly when your boat needs to leave the water and put in dry storage. However, if you live in a warmer climate where seasons are more sporadic, and winters are mild, you might consider moving your boat to dry storage as soon as the weather begins to change.

Winter Storage

No matter the regional climate, keeping your boat in a dry storage space during the cold and harsh winter months is crucial to its integrity. Depending on the elements in your area, you will want to decide whether inside or outside storage is sufficient enough to keep your boat safe from potential damage. If you choose outdoor storage during the winter, you might also consider buying a fabric cover or tarp.

Choosing Your Boat Cover

If you decide to store your boat, especially outside, a cover is a must. Fortunately, there are several types of covers for every budget. The cheapest and most convenient cover is a plastic tarp. These are semi-formfitting and allow for airflow to prevent mildew and mold. However, due to their low cost, these tarps usually only last through one harsh winter and need to be replaced.

A sturdier and more capable cover would be a shrink wrap. These covers are popular, and each is formed around your boat to fit it perfectly. While they are air-tight, vents can be installed at an extra cost to provide better airflow.

Keep an Eye on Things

Just because your boat is safe and sound doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check in on it. Always remember to perform regular maintenance checks to make sure it’s in the same condition when you first stored it. If something breaks, it’s best to know as soon as possible to make quick and easy repairs. If not, you could be looking at hefty repair or replacement bills come spring.

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