Connecticut Renters Insurance: Tips on Saving Money While Renting

Connecticut Renters Insurance: Tips on Saving Money While Renting

One of the most common misconceptions about renting a home or apartment is that your landlord’s Connecticut homeowners insurance will cover any loss or damaged personal belongings. In fact, renters are responsible for their own belongings and your landlord’s insurance policy covers the damage to the building. That’s why Connecticut renters insurance policy is crucial for renters.
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Typically, renters will be young adults, quite often single. Rent is usually the biggest item in their budget, raising legitimate financial concerns. The good news is, you don’t have to sacrifice living comfortably to be able to rent. You will find below 8 ways to save money when renting.


Most landlords are pretty reasonable when it comes to saving money. They understand cost-of-living concerns and will typically want to work with you so that you both are comfortable with the living situation. That being said, there may be ways to convince your landlord to reduce the rent price. For example, if they are having you sign a 6-month lease, and you can make a 12-month or longer commitment, let them know. They may be more willing to help you out if they know they won’t have to be searching for a new renter any time soon.

Have Roommates:

Many young adults mistakenly believe that renting a studio or a one bedroom apartment is the most cost-effective decision there is when it comes to renting. While upfront the cost is more for a 2 bedroom than a studio apartment, sharing that space with a roommate could reduce your costs by at least 50%. For example, let’s say a studio apartment in Putnam Connecticut is $800 and a 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom apartment in the same complex is $1,000, splitting that cost in half with a roommate ends up saving you $300!

Share Food with Your Roommate:

Typically the second biggest expense many young adults face, groceries can deplete your wallet quickly. Also, have you ever noticed that one person can never go through an entire loaf of bread or gallon of milk before it goes bad? Set up a shopping day with your roommate, and share the cost of groceries. In addition, cooking one dinner for both of you is typically a lot more economical that just making a single meal at a time.


While sites such as exist to help renters find their next home, many apartment complexes rely on word-of-mouth to get renters to come view their properties. Ask your landlord if they can reduce your rent for a month if you find someone for them to fill a vacant apartment.

DIY Decorating:

You don’t need to spend an arm and a leg to make your apartment feel like home. With social media sites helping friends share crafting and decorating ideas on a budget, it’s easy to find ways to spruce up your place with minimal allowances. For example, you can take photographs and hang those on your walls, or make flower vases out of mason jars. There are many possibilities.

Furnish Inexpensively:

There are many sites out there that can help you find cheap, or even free, furniture. and are a couple places you can visit. Also, try reaching out to family members or friends who might be trying to get rid of their unwanted furniture.

Don’t Take Utilities For Granted:

In recent years we’ve all heard the importance of being “green”, which includes using less energy. Yes, this does help the environment, but just as importantly it helps your checkbook! When you are leaving a room, turn off the lights. Don’t leave the water running when you are brushing your teeth. Invest in energy efficient lighting. These may seem like very small and insignificant factors, however they add up. You can save big time by reducing just a little.

Take Advantage of Apartment Amenities:

Many apartment complexes today have their own gym, pool, and/or community room. Utilize these facilities! There is no need to be paying an additional fee monthly for a gym membership when you have all you need right onsite where you live.

The Byrnes Agency offers Connecticut renters insurance in Windham County and New London County as well as throughout Connecticut and Southern New England. Homeowners and renters look to the Byrnes Agency to protect them in the event of damage, liability or property loss. In addition to Homeowners Insurance, the Byrnes Agency provides affordable, comprehensive Renters insurance to Connecticut and Southern New England residents, offering several options when it comes to coverage, amounts, deductibles, and other key factors.

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