Does Your Business Qualify for Commercial Auto Insurance in Connecticut?

Determining whether your business needs commercial auto insurance is vital to operating your company legally in Connecticut. There are multiple conditions authorities use to determine this classification. You will need a commercial license and corresponding insurance policy if your vehicles fall into one or more.

What You Must Know About Qualifying for Commercial Auto Insurance in Connecticut

You have a business in Connecticut. However, you need to ensure that you can qualify for Commercial Auto Insurance in Connecticut before proceeding further.

Defining Commercial Vehicles Needing Business Auto Insurance 

Here is how to know if your business qualifies for commercial auto insurance. The Department of Motor Vehicles in Connecticut considers vehicles meeting one or more of these qualifications to be commercial. Significantly, the vehicle must weigh at least 26,001 pounds and transport at least 16 people, including the driver. A vehicle that carries at least 11 or more students under 21 also qualifies as a commercial vehicle. Additionally, a vehicle that carries hazardous materials may also qualify.

Examples of typical commercial vehicles include large haulage trucks and public transportation buses. If your company operates vehicles under these conditions, you should talk to an insurance specialist about Connecticut business auto insurance.

The First Step in Buying Business Auto Insurance

To legally operate commercial vehicles in Connecticut, you must obtain a commercial driver’s license. In many ways, a commercial license resembles a private driver’s license. Applying for a commercial driver’s license is the first step. Then, you must turn in the required paperwork and documentation. The next challenge is paying the permit fee and passing the commercial license knowledge tests while also paying exam fees. Finally, you must pass the road test.

You must pay endorsement and license charges if you meet the requirements and pass every exam. You will then receive your commercial license and be able to operate commercial vehicles in Connecticut legally. The next step is purchasing the right commercial auto insurance policy.

Typical Coverage of Business Auto Insurance Policies

Some commercial auto policies differ, so you must discuss your company’s needs with an experienced Connecticut insurance specialist. Common commercial auto insurance coverages available include:

  • Comprehensive
  • Collision
  • Bodily injury
  • Property damage
  • Uninsured and underinsured motorists
  • Medical Compensation
  • Employees who drive their personal vehicles for your business

A specialist can discuss your business auto insurance needs and help you tailor your policy to your specific situation.

Disqualifications and Suspensions of Commercial Driver’s Licenses

Once you receive a commercial driver’s license, keeping it is not automatic. Multiple serious offenses may cause you to lose your commercial license, which would affect your commercial auto policy. There are plenty of serious violations that could cause a license removal. First, if there is a charge of an alcohol or drug offense, including a DUI, then they will revoke your license. They can also revoke it if you use your commercial vehicle to commit a felony. Additionally, they will remove your license if you discover you operated a commercial vehicle without a valid commercial license. You must also never flee an accident scene or drive negligently to cause an injury or death.

Other severe traffic violations and minor offenses could cause authorities to revoke your commercial license. 

Once revoked, you might have trouble obtaining a commercial license again.

Holding Onto Your Business Auto Insurance Policy

If you have problems with your commercial license, past driving violations, or legal issues that could affect your chances of obtaining a commercial license, talk to an insurance specialist about your business auto insurance policy and available options.

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