How Can CT Homeowners Prevent Ruse Entry Burglaries?

How Can CT Homeowners Prevent Ruse Entry Burglaries?In response to a string of scams which occurred last year involving individuals who pretended to be public utility workers, the Connecticut Water Company is developing a system which will help homeowners verify the identity of company workers who are sent out to preform maintenance or inspections. According to recent reports, the utility provider will be initiating an employee verification system which will email homeowners pictures of the employee who is scheduled to preform a service at their residence. The new system is designed to help prevent ruse entry schemes and robberies of Connecticut homes, by better preparing local homeowners.

Most Connecticut homeowners never expect to be the target of a scam or ruse entry burglary. In fact most homeowners never expect that their homes could be a target for criminal activity at all. Yet according to the most recent FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting data, nearly two million burglaries occurred in 2013, which was actually a slight decrease from the year before. Furthermore, roughly 75 percent of burglaries affect residential properties, resulting in billions of dollars in property losses each year. While burglary is a covered peril in most homeowners insurance Connecticut coverage, the emotional and financial toll off a burglary can be devastating.

It is important to protect yourself and your property from unexpected losses. While you can never fully prevent a crime, there are many ways that CT homeowners can deter criminal activity. Here are a few tips from law enforcement professionals for what to do when encountered by a stranger on your property, especially if they are claiming to be a utility worker or public entity professional.

  • Before allowing any stranger access to your property, ask for a business card, license or other professional documentation to check the validity of the individual’s claims. If they are illusive, impatient or agitated upon this request, this could be a sign that something is amiss.
  • Have the individual wait outside and off the premises while you verify their identity and authority. If they are with a utility company, call the utility company to verify the work.
  • Do not use phone number an unknown party provides to check the validity of their claims, instead search the internet or a phonebook for the name and number of the company the individual claims to be representing.
  • Write down the license plate number of the vehicle and take note of the presence or lack of signage or identification present on the vehicle.
  • If you feel threatened or hesitant about the situation in any way, call the local police department or emergency dispatch services and let the police investigate the situation.

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