Filing an RV Insurance Claim

The last thing you want to do while enjoying recreational vehicles is having to file an RV insurance claim. Unfortunately, you might encounter a situation where it is unavoidable. Like any other vehicle, though, they can be involved in an accident. If this happens, you’ll be glad that you have RV insurance to mitigate the expenses associated with the accident.

The Claim

If you’re not sure how to file RV insurance claims, though, there are a few things you need to know. Follow these five steps to learn about the best way to approach filing an insurance claim for your RV.

Document the Extent of the Damage

You have gotten into an accident. Now, you are wondering what you are going to do. Take note of any damage you see on your vehicle and the other vehicle.

Take notes on your phone — or with a pen and paper — identifying the exact location of any dents, scratches, or other significant damages. It will be important when you file the claim.

Take Photos of Damage or Injuries

In addition to making a note of the damage, you should also take pictures. You probably have a camera on your phone, and you should snap photos of your RV and the other car involved, too, to fully document the extent of the damage. Photographs documenting an accident should always be as straightforward as possible, and if you can, you should take photos of any marks on the road and other relevant conditions. It’s essential to take pictures if there are any injuries.

Consider the Possibility of Injury

Many people emerge from an RV accident and don’t feel or see any immediate indication of any injury. Unfortunately, though, this doesn’t mean you have escaped unscathed. Adrenaline can effectively mask the symptoms of injury. Anybody involved in the accident should consider having suffered an injury. 

Get Information From Everybody Involved

It’s important to get contact information and insurance details from everybody involved in the accident. If there were other vehicles involved, you should get the names of anybody in the other car. If possible, you should take photos of them and any injuries they have sustained. It can help prevent any false insurance claims from another party.

Reach Out to Your Insurance Company

Finally, it’s time to contact your RV insurance provider and formally file a claim with all your information. It will not take too long, but then the investigation and resolution process can take a while, depending on the nature of the accident and the severity of the damages. You should provide your insurer with all the photos and documentation you gathered at the scene and your statement describing the events. 

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