How to Succeed as a Tow Truck Business

Succeeding in a tow truck business takes perseverance and knowledge of multiple vehicles, as well as good communication skills. Nothing is worse than being stranded and waiting for roadside assistance to arrive. If you have a knack for cars and want to help people in this situation, starting a tow truck business might be the solution. There’s often no shortage of work available, but creating a towing business will still have plenty of challenges.

What Your Tow Trick Business Plan Need to Have

Find out how to be a successful tow truck company, help people in need, and serve your community.

Develop a Business Plan

If you’re wondering how tow truck businesses succeed, it starts with a clear and detailed business plan. Yours should include information about the prospective clients you aim to target, the type of equipment you need to buy, and the operational policies you will implement. You should also detail any plans you may have for hiring additional tow truck drivers and outline a tentative marketing plan. The more detail you include in the plan, the more prepared you will be when launching your business.

Plan for Funding Needs

Many businesses boast low startup costs, but a tow truck business isn’t one of them. You may need only one piece of equipment to start, but that one piece will cost a pretty penny. Some sources say that tow trucks range in cost from $65,000 to $115,000, so you will likely need to secure funding for this expenditure. You can apply for business loans, seek assistance from friends and family, or open a line of credit. When choosing what financing to pursue, consider factors such as interest rates. 

Obtain Any Permits You Need

You will need appropriate permits and licenses to start your tow truck business. In addition to a general business license, tow truck drivers typically need a commercial driver’s license. There are many different commercial licenses available, and the right type will depend on your operating area. Many states require drivers to get a Class B commercial license, which allows drivers to operate a towing vehicle. There also be a requirement for your towing & trucking insurance.

Start Marketing Your Services

You have a detailed business plan to follow, secured funding for your tow truck, and are licensed to drive a commercial vehicle. If you establish an online presence, you can expect some business to trickle in, but you can jumpstart your business revenue by investing in marketing.

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