Safe Yachting Tips

Safe Yachting TipsRegardless of experience, boaters should be well-equipped when venturing off into the water. While not all circumstances can be controlled, Norwich Yacht Insurance can help to mitigate financial loss in the event of a storm or damage. In addition, follow these basic safety tips to protect everyone on board when yachting.

Mind the Weather

Check the weather prior to setting out. If there is a heavy storm coming, it may be best to wait it out. Online or radio forecasts should be checked throughout the day. If dark, stormy clouds start to approach and the wind shifts, it is wise to head back to shore.

Create a Checklist

Do you have everything you need for the trip? Did you remember to bring safety gear such as life jackets for everyone? Is everything in proper working order? Do you have a functioning radio? Is there enough fuel? All of these questions need to be answered prior to departure.

Devise a Float Plan

Give your trip details to the marina or a friend so that you can be tracked. Provide details about who will be on board, when you will be leaving and returning, and the contact information of the passengers. Don’t forget to include the boat type and registration information, as well.

Take a Boating Course

According to Discover Boating, regardless of your individual state’s requirements, it’s always important to be educated and prepared for every circumstance that might arise; you can learn boating safety rules by taking a local community course or online course to help educate yourself.

Byrnes Agency specializes in yacht insurance with all the features that matter most. We understand that your boat is your pride and joy. Be sure to properly insure it so that you can enjoy boating for many years to come. For more information about our products and services, contact us today at one of our three locations.

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