The Biggest Challenges Facing Bars

Running a bar lets you meet and serve people who are socializing after a long day of work or celebrating major life events. It also lets you create drinks and food that you’re passionate about. Despite these benefits, there are many risks associated with running a bar that your CT bar insurance helps cover. Read on for your guide to the most common risks and how you can keep them from ruining your business.

Property Damage

One of the reasons why most bars fail is property damage. When a customer has had one shot too many, it’s easy for your counters, tables, walls, or doors to get damaged. Some bars experience lots of fights, which also result in expensive repairs.

Other times, bars have problems with property damage from natural disasters or equipment failures. These issues are less easy to control because you can’t simply kick out a tornado the way you can a rowdy customer. Keeping an eye on the weather, performing regular maintenance on your equipment, and maintaining your insurance payments are all ways to keep your bar open after these accidents.

Liquor Liability Lawsuits

If your customers drink too much at your bar and then get in a car accident or go missing, their families may sue you. While you’re not liable in all cases, if you surpass your state’s overserving restrictions or sell alcohol to minors, you risk losing your business in a lawsuit. Talk to your CT bar insurance provider about its liquor liability policy, and be mindful of who you’re serving and how much they’ve had to drink.

Employee Lawsuits

While you may not think of your bar as a dangerous work environment, your employees risk a lot by working there. They could slip on spilled drinks or get knocked over by drunk customers. If their resulting injuries are serious enough, they can file for workers’ compensation, and your insurance premiums usually increase. Make it clear that you prioritize your employees’ safety and encourage them to seek medical treatment immediately if they’re injured on the job.

Your employees may also face sexual harassment or discrimination while they work. Both behaviors are illegal, and if you fail to respond adequately to their reports, you could be liable in court. Enforce a zero-tolerance policy for racism, sexism, and other attitudes related to harassment and discrimination, and take all your employees’ complaints seriously.


At most bars, clients pay in cash or leave cash tips, so there is always a lot of cash on the premises. As a result, thieves are likely to target your bar during your busy operations or after you close. Install security cameras throughout your parking lot and building, and ask your CT hotel insurance provider about their inventory replacement policy.

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