Tips to Ensure Your CT Day Spa Thrives Amid Pandemic

In the beauty and wellness industry, personal interaction with customers is essential. From massages to masks, getting up close and personal with clients is the name of the game in your CT day spa. But with the spread of COVID-19, day spas have had to rethink how they provide services to their tried and true customer base.

Salons, spas, massage studios, and wellness clinics throughout the United States are shifting on the fly, finding ways to keep everyone inside safe while also providing the best services. And with stress and tension surrounding the pandemic affecting everyone in some way, a little stress relief is what everyone needs. Here are some tips on achieving success while adhering to new COVID-19 regulations at your CT day spa.

Cut Down on Unnecessary Contact

Day spas should want their businesses to be safe for clients. While your services may require people to be closer than six feet, you can still minimize risk for your clients and staff. This can be done in several ways, including eliminating the waiting room and implementing virtual check-in. For waivers and forms, clients can fill them out online before they arrive so there’s no need for them to use a shared clipboard or tablet.

Day spas can also empower staff to use personal devices to handle retail services and have them check out clients from their cell phones.

Reduce Services and Streamline Operations

With online booking, it’s easy to ensure you’ll have time to clean between appointments, ensuring everyone’s health and safety in the process. You can also readily schedule clients to arrive at staggered times, eliminating the chance for interaction between customers.

It might also not make sense to offer full-service menus. Consider what makes sense for your day spa and how you can give clients a great experience while still keeping everyone safe.

Empower Staff to Stay Home

It doesn’t help if your team shows up sick. Make it very clear to your employees that you expect them to not only take care of themselves but consider those around them. While everyone needs to keep working, it’s not worth the potential medical, legal, and financial fallout from a staff member potentially exposing clients and other staff to an illness of some kind, including COVID-19.

If clients complain of an illness they can trace back to your day spa, they may bring claims against you. And while the insurance market is still navigating its way through COVID-related claims, it still required that you operate with CT Day Spa Insurance. This coverage helps protect against liability claims in the event of specific risks.

Automate Wherever and However Possible

Consider how your clients are communicating with your business and how you are keeping in touch with them. Think about automating content updates to your clients through email newsletters and social media posts. For instance, if you’re cutting down on service times or availability, you can target your customers who are most likely to be affected.

Another idea is to bring artificial intelligence into the mix to allow clients to text to cancel or reschedule their upcoming appointments.

While there is no solution yet to the economic predicament businesses in practically every industry face today, being creative and responsible can lead to survival and a hopeful future for day spas.

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