Your Guide to Hiring the Right Person

Hiring the right person can make or break a company, especially for smaller businesses that can’t afford constant turnover. Employee recruitment is all about managing stress and expectation, as you will constantly be judged on your ultimate selection, and you cannot please everyone in your company.

However, there are certain steps you can take to avoid hiring the wrong person for the job.

Here Are the top 7 Tips to Hiring the Right Person

The Interview Boundaries

Familiarize yourself with what is deemed illegal or inappropriate questions in an interview. Questions relating to marital status, age, religious or political affiliation, and so on are topics that could get you on the wrong side of a lawsuit.

Knowing what to stay away from is vital to protect against this issue, but operating with the right level of coverage is essential. This is where CT EPLI comes in to help companies avoid large payouts and legal fallout from interviews gone wrong. CT EPLI provides businesses with peace of mind during the hiring process and thereafter.

Brush Up on Interviewing

An interview calls for a considerable amount of preparation. Don’t just go in and wing it thinking you’ll ask a few questions. Think about what it is you want to accomplish during the interview. What types of information would help you evaluate the candidate and determine if they’re right for the role?

Use an Evaluation Sheet

If you’re going to be interviewing multiple people for a single role, record your impressions on an evaluation sheet. These sheets help you measure each candidate by the same criteria, and it will also help hiring managers keep the most qualified individuals on the top of your mind through the overall hiring process. After a few interviews, some candidates seem to blend, so having an evaluation sheet helps keep them unique.

Look Past the Resume

Try not to go through their resume line by line. You already have that on hand and have reviewed it, and can verify any of the information provided. What you need to find out is what makes the applicant tick and operate and whether they will be the right fit for your company in the end.

Ask Open-Ended Questions

Be sure to ask questions that solicit a fuller response. Avoid the temptation to do all the talking and ask yes or no questions. You want to learn as much as possible about the candidate, including what they liked most about their previous role(s) and what they liked least. Find out about their accomplishments and present them with potential business situations and see how they’d react.

Check Compatibility

You want to find an employee who will fit with your overall company culture. Check whether the candidate has the social skills to get along with others, especially with current employees and managers. Ask how they are managing their current job and peers to judge compatibility skills.

Check Their Background, Then Check Again

Never rely on your instincts alone when judging potential candidates for a role. Negligent hiring can lead to a lawsuit if your employee fails to deliver or puts you in legal hot water. Failure to check backgrounds has resulted in stolen equipment, stolen customer information, embezzlement, and even violence. Failing to check references is one of the biggest missteps that hiring managers can make in bringing on the wrong people for a job. Be sure to be thorough in your background and check with as many previous supervisors as possible.

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