2020 New Year’s Resolutions You Can Set for Your House

Willimantic Homeowners Insurance Do You Work From HomeNot only will a new year begin in just a matter of days but a new decade will be opening up to everyone. It could be purely symbolic, but, for some, 2020 be an opportunity to start fresh and hit some new milestones. While you may be writing a list of all the things you want to accomplish or conquer in the new year, why not start with where you spend a good deal of your time, your home?

It’s great to think of the athletic goals you have in mind for 2020 or all the places you want to hit on your travel list, but what about your home? While it may seem daunting to get some resolutions completed for your house, you can start small and work your way out. Here are some resolutions you can set and realistically hit in 2020.

Cut Down on Energy

It never hurts to examine your energy use in its various forms and see how you can scale things back. Not only will this be helping to save some green in the environment but it will help save some green in your pocket every month.

You could start with solar panels or trading in your car for a hybrid or electric vehicle. If a major purchase like those isn’t in the books, simply looking at how long your showers are or how long you leave the lights on in a room or how cool you keep your A/C in the summer are all day-to-day opportunities to scale back on energy usage.

Insure Your Home

Local insurance providers, such as household insurance services Norwich company Byrnes Agency, can help with finding the right coverage for your home. Already have insurance? Why not review it and see how you can bundle options and save, or expand on your current coverage to protect even more of your home. By reviewing your current insurance plan you can find any gaps that are present or look for areas that don’t have insurance yet, such as additions to the family, and get the right level of insurance in place.

Keep Air Quality Clean

Indoor air quality is an important indicator of the quality of the environment you and your family are living in. Any prolonged exposure to polluted air can end up causing health complications and risks to the body, such as chronic respiratory disease, lung cancer, and heart disease.

From dust to pollen to mold spores, indoor air contaminants can wreak havoc on someone’s breathing and skin, for example. You can cut down on contaminants in your home’s air quality by maintaining your HVAC system’s health and changing furnace filters on a regular basis.

Keep Your Home Safe and Sound

Keeping your house safe from contaminants will no doubt help your physical health. But another way you can increase your physical health is by adding more safety to your home. Homeowners should make sure they’re avoiding potential fire hazards, or health and security risks. Start by installing fire detectors if you don’t have them in yet and add checking for gases like radon and carbon monoxide to your list.

For more safety measures to set, install front door security doorbells that offer up real-time video of who’s outside your door. Or opt for more sophisticated eyes in the sky with professionally installed cameras that can keep an eye on all angles of your house and sync the feed right to your phone, tablet, or television.

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