5 Principle Things You Should Have on Your Yacht

When you buy your first yacht, the excitement of the open water may have you rushing to get things ready. Your yacht insurance policy will come with a series of safety recommendations, some of which may save you money on your premiums. Understanding the fundamental safety preparation steps can protect you and your passengers in an emergency on the water.

What You Need on Your Yacht

There are five things that you should always have on your yacht.

Fire Extinguishers That Qualify for Yacht Insurance Discounts

Fire safety is paramount, especially on the water. The risk of a fire on a boat is serious because fire services cannot respond to many open water instances, and most boats cannot draw water from the body the ship is on. Instead, place fire extinguishers throughout the engine compartment, kitchen, and deck.

Personal Floatation Devices That Fit Everyone

Also known as life jackets, you should have one on board your yacht for every passenger. Invest in various sizes to have some for children and adults of all ages and sizes. Make sure all of the life jackets are easily accessible in case of an emergency. Some yacht coverage policies may have specific requirements for personal floatation equipment.

Throwable Floatation Devices for Water Rescues

Whether someone falls overboard without a personal floatation device or you happen upon someone stranded in the water, a throwable floatation device is also an essential addition to your yacht. You should have one on each side of the vessel. If you have invested in yacht insurance for property and liability protection, confirm with your carrier what type of throwable devices are the best option for your legal protection.

Visual Distress Signals for Emergencies

Safety equipment is what you should always have on hand on your yacht. One of the most important types of safety equipment is distress signals, including visual ones. You can find many types of visual distress signals, each with its own purpose. For example, white flags, emergency triangles, smoke signals, and strobe lights can work for daytime distress signals and flares. Pyrotechnics and strobe lights are ideal at night.

Audible Distress Signals in Accordance with Yacht Insurance Policies

Audible distress signals, or distress alarms, are essential on every yacht. Most insurance carriers offer safety discounts on policy premiums for those yachts with audible alarms for distress and security breaches. Your state and local officials may also have specific requirements for your distress signals, so check before investing in any additional equipment.

Over three-quarters of boating accident fatalities in the United States result from insufficient safety education for boat owners and passengers. These essential safety additions should always be on your yacht before leaving the docks.

Navigation systems, medical kits, bailing supplies, and tow ropes are also beneficial for added safety and peace of mind. Build your safety kits and explore your yacht insurance coverage before you set sail.

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