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Boat Ownership Costs: DockingIn this series of posts, we’ve taken a close look at the real costs of boat ownership. From insurance costs to maintenance and even tax breaks that might apply to you,  we’ve covered just every angle imaginable. In this final installment, we’ll explore the final consideration that prospective boat buyers need to consider: docking. As we mentioned previously, carrying the right Windham County Boat Insurance policy is a necessary expense for any boat owner.

Choosing whether you want to dock your boat or purchase a smaller one to tow around on the back of your truck is completely subjective. However, should you choose to keep it in a local marina, there are some fees that will apply.

According to Discover Boating, slip rates vary depending upon how close the marina is to the ocean, the amenities such as parking and showers, and the general condition of the docks. At Harbor Island West Marina, for example, the monthly slip fee for a 35-foot boat is $296, which includes the water and electricity at each dock.

Bear in mind that the standard size of a boat dock can cost a few hundred dollars a month. However, if your boat is larger than 35 feet, you’ll need a larger slip, costing more money.

The last thing to consider is storage for your boat. If you aren’t planning on keeping your boat in the marina year-round, paying for a storage space intended for boats will be another factor to consider. Depending on the amenities and location, these storage spaces can also be a few hundred dollars each month.


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