Boosting Slow Season Occupancy Rates in Hotels

Most hotels don’t experience steady business year-round. Instead, they have months when they’re at capacity, and months when they’re wondering how can hotel occupancy be improved. In areas with temperate climates, the summer tends to be the busiest time and the winter is much slower, but these patterns can vary based on a hotel’s climate, clientele, and location.

If you work in the hotel industry and you’re wondering how to keep up with your bills and CT hotel insurance during the off-season, here’s what you can do to boost your occupancy rates.

Start a Loyalty Program

Once clients find your hotel once, you have an easier time getting them back, particularly if you start a loyalty program. Give your participants points for every night they stay at your hotel, and create a tiered reward system that includes free meals and reduced prices. Advertise your program on your website and at your welcome desk, and ask for all your clients’ emails so you can add them to your loyalty database.

Host Events

While your offseason may not be prime vacation time, there are probably other events going on in your area that you can capitalize on. Reach out to local businesses and clubs to see if your city is going to host a concert, cultural festival, or race. These events are the perfect time to pair up with the organizers and offer discounted rates to participants. Frequently, these gatherings attract people from other states, so they’re great for increasing awareness about your hotel.

Rent Your Unused Space

If you have ballrooms, courtyards, cafeterias, or lobbies that are going unused during the winter or other offseasons, rent them out. Offer your big spaces for weddings, parties, and family reunions, and let small businesses use your lobbies and cafeterias for meetings and remote work. Make sure to check with your CT hotel insurance provider before taking this step to make sure that it doesn’t violate your contract.

Charge Lower Prices During the Offseason

It may be counterintuitive, but offering lower rates during the offseason actually helps your business. If your rates are lower than your competitors’, people traveling to your city for business or family events are more likely to choose your hotel. When they visit again during the busy season, you can charge peak fees.

Prioritize Guests’ Comfort Level

If your guests feel uncomfortable at your hotel, they won’t want to come back during any season. When your occupancy is low, though, you have a unique opportunity to engage with your guests and make them feel more comfortable. Spend more time cleaning, cooking, or organizing events so that they feel at home. If your clients seem lonely, talk to them when they’re in your common areas to build a small-town atmosphere.

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