How can Hotels Prevent Common Grievances?

The average nightly price of a hotel hovers around $92 in the U.S. This price can range widely based on the location of a hotel, its rating, and the time of year of the booking. No matter how much a guest pays, though, they should expect a pleasant experience from their stay. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case, and guests may sometimes have complaints about their experience. Dealing with unsatisfied customers is part of the hospitality industry, but every hotel should take steps to prevent such incidents from occurring. Read on to learn more about common hotel guest complaints and how to minimize hotel guest complaints.

Noisy Neighbors

As a hotel manager, you take responsibility for every part of your guests’ experience, but sometimes there are elements that are simply out of your control. Noisy neighbors is one of these problems. If a guest complains about the audible antics of another nearby guest, you should do everything within your power to alleviate the situation. You may start by respectfully asking the offending guest to quiet down, and if that does not work, offer to move the complainant to a new room.

Bad Customer Service

It’s not uncommon for guests to be upset by the level of customer service they receive. Hotels attract guests from a wide variety of places and cultures, and expectations for manners can differ greatly from person to person. In many cases, these complaints are a misunderstanding that can be smoothed over with an apology and a promise to improve. In more serious instances, such as an accusation of discrimination, further investigation should be done. Matters like these can be a liability that can affect your hotel insurance. Preventing such incidents can help keep hotel insurance rates low.

Unclean Rooms

Nobody wants to enter a hotel room and find that it isn’t clean enough. Of course, housekeeping should wash all bed linens, wipe down all surfaces, and sanitize the room before it is turned over to a new guest. If there is any indication that these tasks have not been done, it’s likely that a guest will file a complaint. The easiest way to prevent this is to ensure each room is cleaned thoroughly.

Disputed Charges

Money is a common matter of contention. Guests understand that they will be charged a nightly fee for renting their hotel room, but sometimes there are other unexpected charges that can catch a guest by surprise. Many of these fees occur if rooms are booked through third-party accommodation providers. No matter where the fees originate, though, a guest may blame your hotel and demand a refund. You should perform due diligence to identify the source of unknown charges and explain them to your guests.

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