Camping Tips for Beginners: Wildlife Lookout

Camping Tips: for Beginners Wildlife LookoutSummer is one of the best times of the year to go out and explore the great outdoors in your RV. However, as we’ve discussed in previous blogs, being a novice camper comes with some inherent risks. But, with a few simple considerations, including being aware of weather and watching out for wildlife, your trip can go smoothly. In this article, we’re going to examine the proper ways to interact with wildlife and how you can prevent dangerous encounters. As we explore these safety precautions, don’t forget to protect you biggest safety asset in the outdoors – your camper – with a comprehensive CT RV Insurance policy.

Get informed.

Read up on wildlife species present in the area in which you’re planning on camping. This will provide you with a great checklist for your trip of species you might see. It will also make you more aware of potentially dangerous species, such as venomous snakes or large carnivores such as bears, alligators or mountain lions. Remember that when you camp, you’re camping in wildlife habitat, explains the National Wildlife Federation.

Don’t approach wildlife.

If you see a bear, snake, mountain lion, or other potentially dangerous animal, resist the urge to approach it, especially just to take a picture. Remember that wild animals will retaliate to protect themselves if they feel threatened. This holds true for smaller, non-predatory animals, as well.

Store food and trash properly.

As we discussed in our previous blog, open containers and trash will attract bears and other wildlife. Be cognizant of locking everything up in wildlife-proof containers or within the RV overnight.

Keep an eye on your pets.

If you let your dogs roam off leash, be aware that they could run into trouble. Larger animals such as mountain lions and wolves could see them as prey, or they run the risk of getting bitten by a venomous snake. Keep them close by and preferably on a leash while exploring.

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