Celebrate Mother’s Day With These Mom-Approved Home Improvement Projects

Celebrate Mother’s Day With These Mom-Approved Home Improvement ProjectsMother’s Day is already here and it’s the perfect time to show Mom you love her in a number of ways. One way you can show some appreciation is by thinking outside the box and doing something creative for her around the house. Forget about macaroni picture frames and brunch at a crowded restaurant; dig in and build something for Mom from the ground up.

Here are some simple home-related gift ideas for Mother’s Day that your mom may not be expecting, but will be happy to receive.

Redo the Closet

Closets can become so disorganized after a while and be a major cause for stress. Organizing the closet isn’t anyone’s idea of fun as it’s the kind of household chore homeowners want to avoid until the last minute. Let mom take a load off by arranging her closet or installing a closet storage system that does the job for her. Keeping everything in one place can be as easy as installing some new shelves or creating a system of bins that take care of her organizing.

Get a Repair Job Done

Some home repair projects go left undone for some time. Whether it’s because there isn’t enough money or downtime, taking care of some much-needed updates can be put on the backburner. No matter the reason for the delay, now is the perfect time to do mom a solid and chip in to have something taken care of, like a bath installation, new pipes, updated water heater, or new sprinkler system. If you can handle the job, that’s even better.

Go DIY for Mom

As mentioned, macaroni picture frames may be sweet and considered DIY, but this is the best time to get your hands dirty and do something more, well, hands-on. One of the best things you can get mom for Mother’s Day is something that has your hard work put into it. Get the tools out and put together a new shelving system for her in the living room or put together that coat rack she’s been wanting to get. Get creative and ask what’s she’s been wanting to add to the home for some time and get working.

Go Green

Flowers from a store are sweet, but why not create a never-ending flower shop in the front or backyard? Get a green thumb going and build a simple flower bed that will spring various flowers throughout the year. Not into digging? You can still put together something fresh and green like tomato planting, basil pots or even go low key and handle some landscaping. Mom’s yard may need some cleaning so give her an outdoor space she’ll love by pulling out the weeds, cleaning the gutters, and installing a bird bath.

Just make sure there’s local home insurance in place like Homeowners Insurance CT to look out for any liabilities and risk that come with doing repair jobs around the house. You don’t want your sweet Mother’s Day surprise to turn into an unexpected mess!

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