Homeowners: What to Do if You Get Completely Snowed In

Homeowners: What to Do if You Get Completely Snowed InWinter is upon us, and in states like Connecticut that are no stranger to harsh winters, there’s always the chance that a strong storm could leave us temporarily snowed in. This might not be the most common winter experience, but it’s important to know how to survive and what to do in the event of a catastrophe.

Storms can be a huge issue if you aren’t prepared for them, because they have a tendency to knock out power, leaving some without heat, light, or a way to cook. Obviously, heat is the big issue, as without it you could freeze. Luckily, there are a few things you can do now (before the storm) to keep everyone safe.

Staying Warm

If you have a fireplace and wood stored inside, then all you have to do is start the fire and keep it going. Just make sure that you have fire extinguishers in case the fire grows out of control. If you don’t have a fireplace, you can’t do much better than a space heater. You can heat a good sized room pretty effectively.

Make sure you have layers of clothes to put on. Use moisture-wicking thermals as a base layer, a fleece wool cap and warm gloves.


It gets dark pretty quickly during a blizzard. You’ll need some kind of light to get around your house.

  • Electric: Flashlights are always a good thing to have. Just keep in mind they are nice for walking around but not for when you’re just hanging out or doing something that you need both hands for. For that, get something like a lantern. Another option is to get LED 12v string lights, run them off a car battery, and keep the car battery topped up with a generator.
  • Candles/oil lamps: Candles and lamps are great for situations like this. If you’re in a small room, some candles will be enough to also keep you pretty warm. Use a couple of 100 hour candles that you can keep in each room. They’ll burn for a few days each. If you’re stuck without candles but have olive oil and something to wick it with, you can make oil lamps.

Food and water

You’ll need food already at home so get it well in advance of even hearing about a storm. Grocery stores have a tendency to be emptied out prior to big storms hitting. Keep emergency canned food stored.

Your pipes could freeze or your water supply get cut off. Plan on a gallon a day for each person to take care of drinking, cooking, and bathing. A 5 gallon container for each person plus one extra should be sufficient.


Have a good emergency weather radio on hand in case all services go down. Create a family emergency communication plan, to know how you’ll get in touch with each other if someone’s not home. Keep a first aid kit at home. An ambulance may not be able to get to you. Stay calm in any emergency situation to think clearly.

A bad storm can cause so much damage to your home, but it doesn’t have to have lasting damage once the storm has subsided. Be sure to secure Connecticut Homeowners Insurance in order to keep yourself and your home covered against anything this winter may throw at you.


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